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NCmind Revolutionizes CNC Machining with Cutting-Edge Solutions

NCmind, a trailblazer in CNC technology, was founded on February 1, 2002, by seasoned engineers Dipl.Ing. Lothar Pleikies and Frank Fischer. Leveraging their extensive expertise in mechanical engineering, control, and drive technology, NCmind has emerged as a technology-driven company, dedicated to meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Innovation at the Core

NCmind specializes in crafting milling and engraving centers with high-frequency spindles, primarily using mineral casting or granite as the foundation. This innovative approach ensures precision, durability, and efficiency in every machine built.

Customer-Centric Solutions

The success of NCmind lies in its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. By adopting a customer-oriented strategy, the company offers a diverse range of machines with numerous variations. The key focus areas for their computer-controlled machines include:

Exceptional Milling Results: NCmind machines are engineered to deliver top-notch milling results, meeting the highest industry standards.

Reliability and High Machine Utilization: Customers can rely on NCmind for machines that boast unparalleled reliability, availability, and, consequently, high machine utilization.

User-Friendly Operation: The company prioritizes simplicity and safety in machine operation, ensuring a seamless and secure user experience.

Optimized Machine Usage Time: NCmind stands out by providing program provision parallel to machine running time, maximizing machine usage time up to 100%.

Swift and Reliable Service: A commitment to fast and reliable service sets NCmind apart, ensuring minimal downtime and optimal operational efficiency for their customers.

Diverse CNC Machine Portfolio

NCmind offers a comprehensive array of CNC machines catering to various industries and applications:

  1. HSC 350 MG

  2. HSC 540 MG

  3. HSC 750 MG

  4. HSC 5A-250 MG

  5. HSC 560 G

  6. HSC 650 G

  7. HSC 1100 G

  8. HSC 1315 G

  9. Versatile Applications

NCmind's CNC machines find applications across a spectrum of industries, including:

  1. Tool and mold making

  2. Graphite processing

  3. Instrument making

  4. Model making

  5. Engraving applications

  6. Packaging industry

  7. Rapid tooling

  8. CAD/CAM processing

  9. Small series & prototypes

  10. Looking Towards the Future

NCmind remains at the forefront of CNC innovation, continually pushing boundaries and setting new standards in the industry. As a solid, owner-managed company, they remain steadfast in their commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower their customers.

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