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Renowned Brazilian publishing company installs ROLAND 708 P 8/0 – 4/4 EVOLUTION

MultiMarcas Editoriais Ltda. is a large printing company that invests in education. Located in the northeast region of Brasil, they provide products and services nationally. The company has been in operation for more than twenty years offering commitment, expertise and solutions to a wide customer base. MultiMarcas focus on the development of quality materials for education sector. In May 2018 to maintain the highest print quality, the company purchased a new ROLAND 708 P 8/0 – 4/4 EVOLUTION press, which commenced operation at the end of 2018. The press was configured with all the necessary options to meet the customer’s demand for fast make-ready times and high quality print. This is the first perfecting EVOLUTION press supplied to Brazil. MultiMarcas Editoriais are no stranger to Manroland, as well as their new EVOLUTION press they also operate three ROLAND HiPrint presses. To keep the customer’s technicians up to date with the latest technology, Manroland Brasil provided training at their factory in Offenbach, Germany. This training took place in 2018 before the press began production. Manroland thanked MultiMarcas Editoriais for their trust and long standing partnership. If you want to learn more about manroland, do not hesitate to contact your local Dynagraph Partner.

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