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Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printing Technology Wins Innovation of the Year

The HP Multi Jet Fusion technology and its application were named "Innovation of the Year" at the first 3D Printing Industry Awards ceremony in London, one year and three days after the company revealed the first 3D printing solutions that were ready for production.

The awards, which were chosen by the industry after more than 800 businesses submitted nominations and 200,000 votes, were cast, honoring the people, organizations, and technology that are influencing the digital transformation of manufacturing.

"The 'Innovation of the Year' recognition is a direct result of a trifecta of attributes that differentiate HP and reinforce our position as a catalyst in 3D printing," said Ramon Pastor, vice president and general manager, HP Multi Jet Fusion. "Disruptive technology, the HP Open Platform for materials, and an extensive heritage of printing leadership." "In the past year, 3D printing has advanced more than it has in the previous 20 years put together, and our team at HP is driving that innovation."

The recognition expands on the momentum the HP 3D printing division has developed over the previous 12 months, including:

HP Multi Jet Fusion devices are becoming more popular among consumers. In order to keep up with growing client demand, HP started distributing the HP Jet Fusion 3D 4200 last quarter and is now rapidly ramping up the delivery of HP Jet Fusion 3D solutions. Along with opening more than a dozen new HP 3D Printing Reference and Experience Centers throughout the U.S. and Europe, HP also introduced its new HP Partner First 3D Printing Specialization program, which has more than 30 hand-selected, trained, and certified partners.

The ecosystem for 3D printing is expanding globally. Key partners HP has established connections with include the BMW Group, Jabil, Johnson & Johnson, and Nike. The world's first Open Materials and Applications Lab, which is being operated by partners such as Arkema, BASF, Evonik, Henkel, and Lehman & Voss and employing HP's Open Platform, was also announced by HP in March of this year.

There are more and more 3D printing options available. In order to make HP Multi Jet Fusion and the advantages of production-grade technologies available to a far wider audience of consumers, HP is collaborating with more than a dozen service bureaus and product design companies. To give their own end-customers the option to design and produce production-quality 3D printed parts, several industry leaders, including Fast Radius, Forecast3D, Go Proto, Materialise, ProtoCam, Proto Labs, Shapeways, SigmaDesign, and 3D Prod, have chosen and installed HP 3D printing equipment.

According to Michael Petch, editor of, "the industry spoke loud and clear voting HP Multi Jet Fusion as the runaway favorite for the inaugural "Innovation of the Year" award." "Our readers can see from the outcomes that HP is keeping its promise to disrupt 3D printing and the manufacturing industry as a whole. Customers and partners have already benefited from the innovation that is being driven by the Multi Jet Fusion platform and HP Open Platform.

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