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Matic Will Participate Heimtextil 2023!

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

We're looking forward to meeting you there and working with you to identify the best ways to use our automatic machines to boost the productivity of your curtain production.

  • Versatile: attach top tape, attach lateral hems, and hem the bottom (ripple fold, velcro tape...)

  • Automation: includes rear driver roller, program control, conveyor belt, and custom guides.

  • Industry 4.0: includes remote assistance and production traceability.

  • Saves space and doesn't require a trained operator.

The following equipment will be delivered to heimtextil:

  • With a conveyor belt that matches the speed of the sewing.

  • Only take up 4m2.

  • Roller in the rear to help transport and guide bulky fabrics.

  • Easy to change, customized guides for various applications.

  • Conveyor belt can be present or absent, or it can share a belt with the Nyx compact.

  • Special needle distance of 70mm.

  • Sew the top tape all at once.

  • Device that automatically unwinds without tension

OLYMPO CURTAIN HOIST Versatile curtain hoist

  • To measure, cut, and check the final quality of conventional curtains, panels, and blinds.

  • Clamps holding the fabric.

  • High precision smooth start and stop.

  • Software that will automatically adjust the final height measurement.

  • A shielding tray to keep the fabric off the ground.

For more information on MATIC, please contact your local Dynagraph representative.


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