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Matic’s New Welding Machine PERSEO is Patented!

The Spanish Patent and Trademark Office has once again awarded Matic with a title for industrial property in a cutting-edge technology!

The impulse welding equipment from Matic, PERSEO, is designed and created using this technology. As opposed to other impulse welding machines on the market, , all movements are electronically controlled to provides the highest precision that means no need for air compressor, which means a real saving in electricity and maintenance costs.

It will assist the customer in lowering their ecological footprint, a problem that is no longer acceptable.

Key Advantages of PERSEO:

  • Eco-friendly: Low energy consumption, no need for air compressor.

  • Easy to use for anyone, no special skills required.

  • Industry 4.0, Remote screen operations, and remote support.

  • Low cost of operations and maintenance

  • The “Seamless” Technology, (patented by Matic, patent number: 9,096,015), will produce invisible welds. The material will not become shiny or glossy when welded, which will give your products a more pleasant and high-quality appearance.

  • Ergonomic: All working areas are easily reachable.

  • Open sides to weld larger materials by welding multiple times

  • High accuracy in terms of overlaps and pocket sizes.

You can find out more about the attainable, Matic’s New Welding Machines by clicking this link.

You can buy PERSEO machine system from Dynagraph.

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