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Materialise Webinar

We would like to draw your attention to our new webinar which is connected to the current Metal Sales campaign: Ensure Successful Metal 3D Prints Every Time with Specialised Software.

This session focuses on the impact of the software solutions used, the value, and the results that our customers obtained thanks to the usage of our software (Simulation and e-Stage). Metal 3D printing has great potential but many productions could run into challenges that can result in expensive build failures. These, as a consequence, will cause waste of material, machine time, operator time, team frustration, and eventually very unhappy customers. How to avoid all of this?

Five things you can expect from this webinar:
  • Discover how simulation can advise you to successfully 3D print your metal parts every time.

  • Witness how support generation tools can streamline your entire AM workflow (from data prep to support removal)

  • Learn how to overcome common metal 3D printing challenges

  • Get the opportunity to ask metal 3D printing questions to our team

  • Gain knowledge from our experts that will empower your metal AM production

Timing and languages: October 12, 2021 at 4 pm CEST (10 am EDT), in English

Click below to sign up:

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