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On June 28th, Materialise celebrated 30 years of sustainable AM expertise, making a difference, and meaningful innovation.

When Materialise began, computers were large, clunky boxes, and social media and online commerce had yet to be invented.   Materialise was born out of a desire to make a difference using 3D printing. Dynagraph share a passion for innovation with our customers, as well as a desire to constantly improve, increase efficiency, and solve challenges. We have launched pioneering technology in a range of markets and want to continue doing that, together with you.   On this page, you can find Dynagraph’s highlights from the past years, our special offers, and how we have impacted and hope to continue impacting many industries. Take a look at some of the highlights from Materialise's history: As Materialise celebrates its 30th anniversary, we are reflecting back on the meaningful innovations along the way. This blog series will look at a different technology every month for the rest of this year.  For more information on your Materialise, please contact local Dynagraph representative.

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