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Market-Leading Digital Finishing and CNC Cutting Machines to Take Center Stage at Graphics Canada

Digital Finishing and CNC Cutting Machines

Visitors to next month's Graphic Canada Expo will be able to see firsthand how the power, performance, and versatility of Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems' digital finishing solutions bring designs to life, as the business will be showcasing two of its market leading machines.

The worlds first diversified provider of digital finishing and CNC cutting machines will demonstrate the capabilities of both its best-in-class MultiCam APEX 1R router and its modular Kongsberg X24 table at the event, which runs from May 11-13 at Toronto International Center.

"We are looking forward to running live demos of both of these impressive machines throughout the three days of the event," said Matt Thackray, Vice President and General Manager of Kongsberg PCS operations in America.

"We will showcase the incredible MultiCam Apex 1R CNC router, designed for smaller businesses or shops but still offering the same great performance you expect from a MultiCam router," he explained. "The Apex 1R is built with a single piece welded steel frame and an aircraft-quality steel gantry, as well as cast gantry supports that greatly dampen vibrations."

The Apex1R offers maximum versatility and can be readily incorporated into existing workflows thanks to highly effective engineering and production processes. " An all new knife system that offers both oscillating and non oscillating capabilities is standard on the Apex1R CNC Router, along with an optional second knife system," Matt explained. "An linear tool changer is also included, and the Apex1R has the capacity to hold up to eleven knife and spindle tools - plenty of punch for any jobs - while the helical racks on each axis provide smooth motion and tight control for precise and quality cutting."

"We are incredible proud of our innovations and are always excited to conduct live demos to show just how effective and efficient they are," Matt added. "We'll show how these cutting edge solutions help businesses streamline workflows and automate production to increase efficiency." Simultaneuosly, designers and operators feel empowered by the creative freedom that allows them to produce concepts that will drive their company's future.

"With that in mind, we're alos looking forward to demonstrating the capabilities of the Kongsberg X24, which is easily the most versatile digital finishing device on the market," he said. "In today's volatile world, where both customer demands and technological capabilities change rapidly, it is critical to invest in equipment that allows for growth in line with business needs."

"Packed with a variety of specialty tools, the system offers speed, power, and flexibility to handle a wide range of materials and can easily be upgraded as a business grows," Matt explained.

For more information on KONGSBERG PCS AND MULTICAM, please contact your local Dynagraph representatives.

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