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Mark Andy has announced the launch of its latest production inkjet press, Digital Series iQ.

An Attainable Inkjet Platform with Inline Processing.

When digital printing is no longer enough to separate you from competition and jobs require inline finishing to be profitable, a production-level digital hybrid solution that offers flexibility is key.

The smart choice for your business, Digital Series iQ is a fully-integrated inkjet press built on a proven Evolution Series flexo platform. Powered by a robust Domino N6101i UV inkjet module, it boasts digital brain power and Mark Andy converting excellence.

Hybrid Integration Specialists: As an industry leader in hybrid printing technology, Mark Andy is the benchmark for digital labeling solutions. The combination of in-house inkjet competence, expertise in web handling, and over 250 hybrid installs gives Digital Series iQ the foundation to stand out as the most intelligent and advantaged system of its kind.

Digital Series iQ delivers:

· Maximum Performance: Productions speeds up to 230 fpm (70 mpm)

· Affordability: An attractive initial capital investment and low cost to print

· Future-Proof Options: Evolution Series E5 platform provides scalability as business grows

· Range: Ability to print on many materials with up to 7 UV inkjet colors (CMYKOV+W)

· Efficient Die Cutting: VDC-SR cuts changeover time by 80% for operators

A successful digital hybrid solution that helps you reach your greatest potential is all about having the right technology with the right partner.

Innovation, continuous growth, and 100% customer satisfaction is a common denominator for both Mark Andy and Domino, paving the way for a partnership that brings converters the best of both worlds: the reliability of Mark Andy’s award-winning flexo with the proven track record of Domino’s leading digital marking technology.

Preserving quality and promoting operator friendly interactions are at the core of the iTech technologies within the UV inkjet module. These features maintain desired performance, optimize maintenance, and save time in the pressroom.

i-Tech ActiFlow protects nozzle performance by eliminating air bubbles through an ink circulation system that keeps the print chemistry continuously moving around the head even when printing has stopped.

i-Tech CleanCap automatically cleans printheads, eliminating daily manual wiping and prolonging the life of your machine.

i-Tech UltraMix™ ensures continuous white ink circulation to guarantee the pigment remains in suspension all the time.

i-Tech TrapLess reduces the risk of ink conglomeration, preventing nozzle failure.

Digital Series iQ is a fully integrated digital hybrid solution with production speeds up to 230 FPM. That means zero throughput compromise for inline decorating and converting - a gamechanger for profitability metrics.

Digital Series iQ provides options to grow with your investment through the flexibility provided by Mark Andy Evolution Series technology. This platform unlocks the hybrid capabilities needed for success at any point in your business.

For inquiries on Mark Andy solution, please contact your local Dynagraph representative.

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