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Marina Inc. Printer installs EFI VUTEk 32H, 3.2 meters wide Hybrid UV LED Printer

First EFI VUTEk 32H 3.2m Hybrid Printer for the Middle East

Marina Inc. Printers, Riyadh K.S.A recently invested in the expansion of its signage & graphic division by opting for an EFI VUTEk 32H . The EDP award winner 3.2 meters UV LED hybrid eight color printer that prints on flexible and rigid materials of thicknesses up to 5.08cm at a rated speed of up to 60 full sized boards per hour 235sqm/h in true 600 or 1000dpi.

EFI Market Leading Technology Available Now in a More Affordable mid Range Hybrid Printer

EFI released its new generation UV LED technology 3 years ago on the H3 and H5 3.2m hybrid printers which are high speed printers capable of printing up to 109 full sized boards per hour, (427sqm/h).

Since release these printers have been the leading choice for major print service providers worldwide.

Then in January 2020 EFI released the 32H which has all the advantages of EFI next generation UV led printing in a more affordable mid-range wide format hybrid printer which can produce up to 60 boards an hour (235sqm/h).

EFI New Generation UV LED Technology Advantages

EFI originally introduced UV led to the market and it took many years for the market to catch up and see most suppliers now offering UV led machines.

Because EFI is the only manufacturer of large format printers that manufacture their own electronics, software and ink they are in a unique position to develop their technology beyond the rest of the market who build the printers but rely on third party suppliers for electronics, software and ink.

Lowest Cost PSM Production Cost for Individual Wide Format Printers

Best ink yield plus low cost ink. EFI UV led printers deliver a yield of 140 to 150 sqm (other UV LED printers are under 100). Because EFI builds the fastest high capacity printers which go to the busiest print houses in the world they produce ink in very large quantities, these economies of scale and the fact they supply direct to their dealers, without a manufacture adding more margin in between, means market leading prices. This means the lowest psm cost in the market up to 50% cheaper than the competitors.

Highest Quality

Highest quality: EFI through its control of all aspects of the printing process including ink delivers colour gamut and quality with their Ricoh gen 5 7 picolitre printheads that meets or exceeds that found on 3.5 picolitre printheads and HP latex.

Best Reliability for Industrial Wide Format Printers

Reliability: EFI already delivered market leading reliability as would be expected when they produce printers that can print up to 672sqm/h and even an hours downtime could cause print service providers at this level major problems.

With the new generation they have made improvements in every area with the two major ones being the printhead life where they achieve an average of 60% more life than their competitors and UV lamps that often will last the life of the printer.

Best RIP Software

Software: The EFI in house Fiery software is far superior to third party rips like Caldara and Onyx. Print and rip at the same time, rip files up to 8 times faster, superior colour management and ease of use.

MID Range 3.2M Hybrid Printer

The EFI VUTEk 32H has the capability to effortlessly print direct to rigid substrates for premium specialty applications with multi-layers and white ink. You can then quickly shift to roll to roll printing on flexible roll to roll substrates giving you a truly versatile platform to meet your production requirements.

VUTEk 32h is the ideal solution for customers moving into superwide graphics production printing. The 3.2m hybrid printer offers precision printing with UltraDrop Technology 7-picolitre greyscale printheads and eco-friendly EFI LED “cool cure” technology (which, according to research from FOGRA, can reduce energy usage by up to 82% compared with other superwide-format drying or curing methods), opening doors for sign and display graphics producers to get into high-volume, high-quality production level printing.

Contact Dynagraph for all Your Large Format Printing Requirements

Contact your local Dynagraph representative for information on the EFI Vutek 32h and the other options we have in Hybrid, True flatbed, roll to roll and dye sublimation fabric printers.

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