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MANROLANDGOSS: Investment with vision: The new high-performance COLORMAN e:line has started printing

Why is it a good idea to invest in modern newsprint equipment in times of digitization? There are several reasons, as shown by the investment of the Offenburg publishing house reiff medien – who recently ordered a new COLORMAN e:line from manroland Goss. Print production today must meet demanding efficiency and sustainability requirements in order to survive in the media mix of the future. More than ever, printed news is expected to be as up-to-date as possible. Fully automated printing technology brings decisive advantages.

reiff medien strengthened their printing location utilizing manroland Goss technology.

Fully automated COLORMAN e:line with automated printing plate changing ensures more up-to-date information through faster changeover times.

Significant savings in energy and paper requirements are convincing in terms of sustainability.

"In addition to advancing digitalization, we are strengthening the heart of our company with the new printing press," says publisher Rouven Reiff. After two decades and several general overhauls, the previous press had reached the end of its life. reiff medien is investing in its production future, with a new high-performance and fully automated COLORMAN e:line. Since February 2022, this equipment has produced the high-circulation daily newspapers and local editions such as Mittelbadische Presse”, ”Offenburger Tageblatt" and "Lahrer Anzeiger".

COLORMAN e:line – delivering the latest news even faster with High-Speed printing

COLORMAN e:line prints at web speeds up to 14 meters per second, without any compromise to quality. Coming from 42,500 signatures per hour the new manroland Goss printing press increased the production to a staggering 55,000 signatures – an increase by 30 percent at reiff medien. Another great advantage of the new press is a fully automated robot-based plate changing process, reducing the changeover time between productions by more than 50 percent. This time savings leads to more current newspaper editions, while creating additional time for printing added materials, such as promotional inserts.

"e" stands for efficient and energy-saving – sustainability as a standard

Environmental aspects were important in the decision-making process for reiff medien. In addition to waste savings of about 50 percent compared to previous production, up to 18 percent of energy can be saved with unchanged order volumes. Like the previous model, the new COLORMAN e:line also utilizes the coldset process, a printing process that dispenses with CO2-intensive heating of the paper webs to dry the ink. State-of-the-art automation, measuring, and control systems from manroland Goss and grapho metronic help to make the production process not only extremely precise, but also as efficient and economical as possible.

Timeliness, quality, and savings on resources are important advantages of the new COLORMAN e:line at reiff medien

You can find out more about the attainable, ManrolandGOSS machines by clicking this link.

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