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Lamina Blackline 1110 At Didot Packaging

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Based in Brno-Le, Czech Republic Didot Packaging is a creative business that specializes in creating packaging for a variety of industry needs. Additionally, they provide graphic design and business printing.

The executive director, Ji Lejska, states, "We strive to produce high-quality products that are environmentally sustainable." "Achieving such a goal is made possible by modern tools and procedures. With the help of contemporary technologies like hot-foil stamping, litho-laminating, and varnishing, we can provide a huge selection of materials and surface treatments. This enables us to meet customer expectations by providing a wide range of packaging options that can be used in numerous industries.

A Lamina Blackline was most recently installed by the business; it was turned on in the spring. It is specifically the kind of machine that enables us to deliver our services more effectively, says Lejska. "We have accelerated the laminating process by more than 10% since the installation of Blackline earlier this year. Lower service costs and increased production capacity are the results of the Blackline's improved efficiency. We are very happy with how easily it operates and how friendly it is. The quality of Lamina System's products was a significant consideration in our choice.

For more information on the Lamina System, please contact your local Dynagraph representative.


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