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Labelexpo Europe 2023 – Solutions to help you Succeed

Labelexpo Europe 2023
Labelexpo Europe 2023

Mark Andy is excited to return to Brussels and attend Labelexpo 2023 - The Legends of Modern Print. Mark Andy has been one of the world's most experienced label press manufacturers since introducing our first flexo press in 1951, and we continue to adapt to suit market demands. Our mission as a Total Solutions Partner to global label and packaging converters is to deliver Solutions to Help You Succeed.

PRO Series flexo press from Global Premiere for label production - Labelexpo Europe 2023.

The new PRO Series flexo press is the first CE-certified completely servo-driven flexo press at an economical price range. The new label press offers a fast and effective workflow, low machine operating costs, and an upgradeable architecture that enables converters to increase their flexo capabilities or easily transition into digital with a toner-based engine. The award-winning Performance Series printhead design is shared by the PRO Series, yielding time and material savings while boosting profits and productivity. PRO Series is sMArt link compatible for production monitoring and analytics.

The PRO Series, our new platform, will make its international debut on the Mark Andy booth C45 in Hall 4, where it will be seen operating live many times each day. PRO Series is also the flexo foundation for Digital PRO Max, a toner-based digital press with excellent white and a cheap cost of printing. The Mark Andy press lineup is completed with our top-of-the-line hybrid press, the Digital Series HD, which features a unique combination of Mark Andy's flexo print stations and a UV Ink Jet engine.

The increasing demand for hybrid printing and automation - Digital Series HD Hybrids are becoming increasingly popular among label printers and converters across the world. The booth will include Mark Andy's premium hybrid press, Digital Series HD (DSHD), which is equipped with our patented digital and flexo print technology. Printing at up to 240 feet per minute (73 meters per minute), the Digital Series HD combines high-resolution digital print with best-in-class production capacity in a one pass workflow. Mark Andy's capacity to provide end-of-line automation solutions will be demonstrated by the Digital Series HD, which will include value-added print features and an automatic turret rewinder.

Digitial PRO Max - The Most Up-To-Date Toner-Based Solutions

The Digital PRO Max will make its European premiere, a toner-based hybrid press built on the new PRO Series platform. This new press is the result of Mark Andy's extensive knowledge in digital technology, as well as significant feedback from earlier Digital Pro versions. The Digital PRO Max is speedier, has reduced printing costs, incorporates white toner, and is available in configurations ranging from roll to roll to full hybrid. This digital engine combined with the future-proof PRO Series platform results in faster speeds, increased production, and increased profitability.

An Automated World

Mark Andy has embraced automation, which will be on full display at Brussels. ProWORX Label Suite, an exclusive imposition tool, will make its debut at Labelexpo. This new program simplifies and automates the label manufacturing setup process, including inline printing and ornamentation. The ProWORX Label Suite is an Adobe Creative Cloud addon designed specifically for Mark Andy's hybrid presses. It enables more efficient and sustainable label production by providing job defining and imposition for printing and post-processing, including die cutting.

Customers may make data-driven decisions based on real-time data collecting using sMArt link from Mark Andy, an on-press production monitoring system. Some of the primary benefits include reduced waste, improved task estimation, and improved press optimization. sMArt connection is standard on all new Mark Andy presses and can be converted to other brands of manufacturing equipment as well. Visit us to find out how sMArt link can help you optimize your business.

Mark Andy has collaborated with Lemu Group on end-of-press automation. At the conclusion of the Digital Series HD press, the MA-GTU automatic turret will be featured. The MA-GTU eliminates the requirement for manual transfer of finished rolls to an offline finisher, reducing unnecessary work processes and operator oversight while increasing converter efficiency and profitability. Label converters will benefit from the MA-GTU automatic turret, as well as extra automation with 'unwind to palletizer' printing and converting solutions, because of the collaboration.

"We are excited to be returning to Brussels and Label Expo Europe," said Greg Palm, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. The market has changed, and the industry has advanced in many ways during the last four years. We are excited to demonstrate how Mark Andy has accepted those developments through our extensive product range that matches the needs of today's label and packaging converters."

MAPP stands for Mark Andy Print Products.

Mark Andy Print Products (MAPP), Mark Andy's OEM parts and consumables subsidiary, will also be at Brussels. MAPP offers a broad and comprehensive spectrum of end-to-end label manufacturing solutions, including supplies and consumables for flexo, digital, and offset printing.

For more information on MARK ANDY & LABEL EXPO EUROPE 2023, please contact our local Dynagraph representative.


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