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Label Leaders increases capacity with new Evolution Series E5 from Mark Andy

A long-standing partnership with Mark Andy has been the foundation of the success of Label Leaders, a South African converter with headquarters in George. Most recently, Sarepco, who has served as Mark Andy's distributor in southern and central Africa for more than three decades, delivered and installed the sixth flexo press from the American manufacturer.

Label Leaders' co-owners Theo Raubenheimer and Rene Koen stated: "Mark Andy has been a key partner since my parents first established the firm. Our concept is built on developing tight ties with all business partners, including consumers and suppliers." This is highlighted by the fact that Sarepco provided all of the Mark Andy presses to the George facility, establishing what Raubenheimer calls a partnership that ensures expert guidance to assure the success of every project.

Recipe for Success

Since the beginning, our values have been constant. Our main priorities are excellent products and services. Building strong working connections helps us reach strategic decisions more quickly, and since we are a privately owned business, our partners value our flexibility, he said.

The same principle serves as the cornerstone of supplier collaboration. Label Leaders requires the assistance of the suppliers, whether it is for a press, substrate, or ink. With the recent epidemic and supply crisis challenges, this has become increasingly crucial. Despite the challenges, the corporation has had a prosperous time and has made additional investments, such as the Evolution Series E5. To guarantee that clients receive their labels on time, the business has also accumulated a stock of different substrates.

Time for A New Press

Theo first noticed the Evolution Series when he went to Labelexpo 2019 in Brussels. Its short make-ready time, high speed, and ease of operation "attracted us from the start," he said. The choice was made to invest in an E5, which was installed in August 2021, since the corporation wished to eliminate the possibility of a second shift.

The new press is equipped with the latest QCDC die-cutter and eight flexo printing machines. Since it's a Mark Andy, we can reuse the plates, cylinders, and dies we already have, which enables us to reduce expenses and organize the machinery park, he said. The new E5 joins several Mark Andy presses at Label Leaders, including an 830 that has been there since the beginning, a Performance Series P5, a 2200, and a Scout. Theo joked when asked why it wasn't in the business' museum, "Because it still works and makes money!"

Wider Web – Higher Capacity

Label Leaders will benefit from the greater capacity and quicker delivery times provided by the new E5. Labels are unique goods that are always required. We needed a press that was quick to set up and switch over so that we could develop new designs for new substrates, and because of its bigger web width, it's a very useful tool.

Retail, dairy, and wine are the three key market segments that Label Leaders serves. While each has its own unique needs, according to Theo, all three-share high print quality and consistent delivery. In the wine industry, labels must be provided the same day the wine is bottled to preserve the alcohol content.

The company wants to have a high level of inventory in its warehouse to satisfy consumers, but it also needs to determine the best production parameters to protect margins given the present global substrate shortage and the requirement to produce more than 500 different labels. Even though paper costs have increased fourfold since December 2021, longer runs are one solution. This is where a versatile press like Evolution works well and complements our corporate strategy, he explained.

Sarepco – A Long Term Business Partner

Theo Raubenheimer regards Sarepco as a constant booster of business for his company. Deliveries, assembly, and staff training are just a few of the future-proofing tasks that Sarepco does, along with yearly preventative maintenance and repairs. We like that Sarepco specialists are constantly on call because it makes us feel secure and at ease knowing that our Mark Andy equipment is in capable hands.

You can find out more about the attainable, Evolution Series by clicking this link.

You can buy Evolution Series E5 machine system from Dynagraph.


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