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Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems Sets New Standard with Launch of New Kongsberg Ultimate

Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems (Kongsberg PCS) unveiled the Kongsberg Ultimate, a revolutionary new digital cutting platform. With its innovative platform, which is poised to revolutionize the corrugated production industry, unprecedented levels of productivity, accuracy, and safety are possible.

The Kongsberg Ultimate, with its cutting-edge drive technology, impressive acceleration rate of up to 2.74G, and astounding cutting speed of 168 meters per minute, is proof of Kongsberg PCS's dedication to creating cutting-edge technology.

Stuart Fox, President and CEO of Kongsberg PCS, stated, "The Kongsberg Ultimate promises to redefine standards and usher in a new era of productivity and innovation, delivering a fast return on investment for convertors of corrugated board. It is engineered with our deep understanding of corrugated and display converters’ needs for precision." "The platform creates a new industry standard, improves operations, and offers a major competitive advantage. It is poised to lead corrugated production for years to come."

With its design based on six core values, the Kongsberg Ultimate is a technological leap forward that directly addresses the special difficulties faced by corrugated converters engaged in continuous high volume multi-batch production.

Stuart continued, "We have emphasized our commitment to deliver a solution that has been engineered for precision and built for productivity, as corrugated converters around the world are under increasing pressure to produce better, faster, safer, and more efficiently to meet the demands of the global market."

"The Kongsberg Ultimate is the only product businesses need look no further than to elevate their operations.”

Kongsberg Ultimate Core Values: Unlocking the performance potential of the Kongsberg Ultimate.

Productivity: The Kongsberg Ultimate sets the standard for the next generation of performance and design with its innovative drive and beam design. Users benefit from substantial increases in productivity and return on investment as a result.

Precision: The Kongsberg Ultimate continuously applies a 50 kg downforce and guarantees unmatched stiffness thanks to its painstakingly crafted custom carbon fiber beam. Its accuracy is further enhanced by the tool head camera, which ensures that every cut precisely complies with the strictest industry requirements.

Safety: Designed to seamlessly combine efficiency and safety, the Kongsberg SmartzoneTM safety solution is a cutting-edge, proximity-driven dual-zone system. Additionally, the machine’s status is crystal clear thanks to the user-friendly LED lighting, creating a safe and productive environment.

Uptime: The Kongsberg Ultimate is built to deliver the highest uptime possible to maximize utilization. This is achieved using proven, robust technologies from other high-demand industrial fields, along with new features like self-diagnostics and remote operator alerts.

User Experience: The core of any production is its operators. To improve the operator experience, the Kongsberg Ultimate features an intuitive IPC 3.0 interface with a touchscreen. Its easily accessible buttons make every task simple and user centric.

Sustainability: The Kongsberg Ultimate shows how seriously Kongsberg PCS takes its commitment to a greener future by utilizing more recycled, easily recycled, and other materials with a lower environmental impact.

Stuart Fox said, "We have worked creatively to ensure that our future is built upon manufacturing equipment that our customers and team can be proud of," while revealing the cutting-edge new table at the company's Gent, Belgium, headquarters. The Kongsberg Ultimate is a commitment to the corrugated industry's future, not just an evolution but a giant step forward in corrugated production technology.

"This outstanding accomplishment highlights Kongsberg PCS's commitment to providing innovations that enable businesses to prosper in a constantly changing marketplace and reaffirms our position as an industry leader."

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