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Kodak achieves significant milestone in India with KODAK SONORA Process Free Plates

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Like everywhere else in the world, more and more offset printers in India are benefiting from KODAK SONORA Process Free Plates' efficiency, sustainability, and cost advantages. In its process free plates business, Kodak has now accomplished a significant milestone. Process free plates sold by Kodak have seen a 24% increase in volume over the previous year in the nation. The combined efforts of Kodak's direct sales and its channel partners in India led to this sales success.

More printers in India are joining the more than 6,000 users of KODAK SONORA Process Free Plates worldwide for a variety of valid reasons: The plate-making process is greatly streamlined and simplified by SONORA Plates, which also enhances the sustainability of print businesses. In comparison to conventional plate processing, they completely do away with electricity, water, developer, replenisher, gumming solution, and clean-out finisher. Because there is no chemistry involved and no plate processor that needs to be cleaned and maintained, SONORA Plates help cut down on press waste because there are no leftover contaminated liquids or waste chemicals.

"With our SONORA Process Free Plates in India, we are thrilled to have accomplished this very important milestone. However, we are optimistic that soon, even more printers will be interested in taking advantage of the efficiency and environmental benefits of our process-free plates. Consequently, we anticipate that our SONORA Plates business in India will continue to experience tremendous growth in the years to come "Simon Gan, VP, Regional Sales, GCC/SEA, Kodak, stated.

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