Dynagraph’s partner KLIEVERIK who specializes in the manufacture of industrial rotary thermo- roll-to-roll or single piece designed for dye sublimation transfer printing and fixation for dispersed dyes and pigments announces a virtual trade show on 15-30 October 2020. 

As a result of the cancellation of key industry exhibitions this year, manufacturers of technology and materials do not have a platform to showcase their products. Travel also remains a challenge for many people. So the logical conclusion is to create an online event where manufacturers can exhibit their innovations to an unrestricted global audience.  The Innovate Textile & Apparel Virtual Trade Show will be live on 15-30 October 2020.  This is what you can expect: . New product launch . Product overview . Introduction of Klieverik for new customers . Contact opportunities; we will be present regularly during the day.  We are looking forward to meeting you online. For more info please check the following link: https://vts.wtin.com/ Registration: https://vts.wtin.com/register For inquiries on KLIEVERIK solution, please contact local Dynagraph representative.

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