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Innovative Ideas for Complex Scanning Tasks

The EinScan Community never lacks fantastic ideas or innovative solutions when it comes to maximizing the capabilities of our 3D scanners and reaching performance above prescribed limitations. Our distributor in Vietnam, 3D Smart Solutions, raised the bar even higher by developing an incredible technology to make 3D scanning challenging and complicated items easier.

The secret of the magic dices

We are all aware that occasionally extra devotion and focus are needed for dark, bright, and intricate areas. When learning difficult facts, using Reference Points completely changes the game. The issue is: What effective tactic can be used when an object's small size or sensitive surface prevent the use of markers? What can you do if a part rotates during scanning and you require an intermediate point system? How is it possible to scan with excellent results while utilizing fewer reference points? The magic dice come into play here:

The W20 dice that include an incorporated magnet were 3D printed using a unique method by 3D Smart Solutions. The dice have the customary reference points on 19 of their sides and a magnet on one. In addition to improving the effectiveness of 3D scanning complicated objects, the compact and light weight dice also significantly reduce the need for reference points. The magnet supports simple and quick setup of the scanning task and is simply attached to metal surfaces. Put a few of these around the object the next time you are scanning something on a table surface, and you will notice a significant improvement in workflow.

If you are located in Vietnam, you have the chance to receive some of the scanning dices for free! All you need to do is to share your EinScan 3D scanning project including images and workflow description with 3D Smart Solutions. And if you are not applicable for this giveaway, we hope that this content has inspired you to create your own 3D scanning tools! Connect with us on social media and share your ideas. We love to see how you work with your SHINING 3D products!

For more information on SHINING 3D solution, please contact your local Dynagraph representative.

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