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HP releases new 700 and 800 series printers

Why upgrade your existing latex printers to the new 700 and 800 series latex printers.

Let Daniel Tejero who is the General Manager of Marte Impresiones explain in this video how his new latex 800w printer replaced two previous generation latex printers due to its higher productivity and how he was able to move into different higher margin work as the pandemic reduced his traditional work.


Latex printers already delivered prints that were instant dry with a high scratch resistance but now with overcoat latex eliminates the need to add laminate unless it is to extend the prints life when exposed to UV outdoors.

White Ink

Latex is now available with white ink to extend your portfolio into high margin jobs. Develop markets your competitors cannot match with other technologies. Whitest, most opaque white without complexity, automatic recirculation and printhead cleaning reduce manual purging.

Vivid Colour at High Speed.

HP latex ink now with a higher pigment load enables high saturation colour even at up to 25sqm indoors and 36sqm/h outdoors with increased colour gamut. More vivid colour and striking contrast with pure blacks. Sharp text down to 4 point.

Up to 50% more productive.

With 50% more nozzles per printhead you can print jobs that you were doing on latex previously faster and with better colour saturation.

Next Level Media Versatility.

More supported media including eco-conscious media due to lower curing temperatures. These lower temperatures also improve colour consistency and length repeatability between tiles when printing murals.

Fast reprints.

Work fast processing reprints and multi copy jobs with a smart 8 inch front panel that stores up to 100 jobs.

Easy media loading.

Enjoy faster and easier media loading and media access with the raisable curing module.

Plastic waste reduction.

HP eco cartons replace the previous plastic cartridges for the 700 series reducing plastic by 80%.

For more information on the new HP latex 700 and 800 series printer contact Dynagraph Dubai on +971 50 659 9265 or email

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