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Updated: Dec 29, 2021

HP latex technology is ideally placed amongst print technologies to enable print service providers with latex technology to pivot to other areas of printing when traditional point of sale, exhibitions and events are on hold or returning with a reduced demand for print.

The fact that latex prints to the widest range of media including wallpapers and fabrics as well as traditional Vinyls and films have been opening up opportunities in custom printing decoration for some time. Along with these existing applications the HP applications team has been working on other areas that might assist their customers with new opportunities in the current market. As the world slowly starts to come out of confinement, we are re-thinking how we keep our distance in public spaces. Organizations like retailers, restaurants, and office buildings are rapidly having to re-design their interiors to guard the safety of their employees and customers. Separation panels help to guarantee a safe distance between individuals and help to shield them from the pathogen carried through the air when someone sneezes, coughs or breathes too close by. Separation panels can be made of many materials, ranging from cardboard to acrylic and textile. Considering that these separation panels will possibly be a reality for a few months or longer, many business owners are starting to consider making these separation panels visually pleasing. HP Latex inks can offer several interesting benefits for any business owner who wants to enhance their functional panels to become decorative and functional. The attached link will take you to a HP document that will explain how to produce Textile Separation Panels with your latex printers. For information on HP latex printers and supplies please contact your local Dynagraph representative.

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