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The large format print industry has long acknowledged that the 3M MCS warranty is the most respected warranty in the industry and many companies specify 3M products on their projects for that reason.

HP latex inks have always been guaranteed by 3m for their full MCS warranty on approved medias. Some other ink technologies are now promoting they have a 3M performance guarantee and customers should be aware whilst that protects them from 3M material failure 3M does not give MCS warranty under this program which means any fading over time or issues with the ink during installation and removal of the graphic and you will not be covered by 3M. Latex still remains the number one choice for 3M MCS warranty and the peace of mind that offers your customers. Please check 3M MCS warranty: This along with the flexibility of latex inks, the high colour gamut and their green credentials ensures latex is still the market leader. For enquiries on HP latex printers please contact your local Dynagraph representative.

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