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HP Inc. Launches Digital Learning Partnerships to Support Students and Schools Impacted by COVID‐19

In order to assist teachers and students as they deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, HP Inc. has introduced HP Turn to Learn, a new service that will distribute instructional information carefully selected from top media, publishing, and scientific organizations. The program, which focuses on providing essential resources to Title I school districts and underserved students across the United States, is being developed by HP in collaboration with TIME for Kids, Britannica, and NASA.

In addition to HP Turn to Learn, HP also revealed a number of grants to school districts, alliances, and fresh blended learning initiatives throughout the world in response to COVID-19. The new initiatives highlight HP's objective to improve learning outcomes for 100 million people by 2025 through international educational initiatives, equipment donations, and technology for on-demand learning.

"A student's access to a quality education shouldn't be based on where they reside or how much money their family makes. Since this pandemic is currently causing misery for so many people worldwide, we cannot afford to let it hold back the generation that will create our future, said Enrique Lores, president and CEO of HP. "We must discover innovative new ways for instructors and students to interact from a distance. This week, as we commemorate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, it's a good time to take stock of our surroundings and how we're addressing the biggest challenges confronting society. Working together on common solutions is in our collective interest, whether we're addressing COVID-19 or climate change, said Lores.

HP has helped TIME for Kids remove the paywall from their digital content in response to the growing demand from teachers, students, and families for educational content. HP will also make sure that printed course materials, such as textbooks, workbooks, and other paper-based assignments, are delivered right away to students. The program will guarantee that K–Grade 3 students in particular school districts have access to TIME for Kids, Britannica, and NASA for the remainder of the academic year, with K–12 students shortly joining the program.

To reduce the gap between schoolwork and digital access, HP and its top partners are taking swift action. For the balance of the academic year, TIME for Kids will offer free and global access to issues of the renowned in-class newspaper as well as other news literacy resources by launching a free digital library. The information provided by NASA is focused on teaching people how to protect the environment and be good stewards of it. Numerous resources have been developed by Britannica, including virtual lessons, home activities, tools for administrators, and parenting guidance.

HP announces HP Turn to Learn

Parents, teachers, and kids have been forced into a time of remote teaching and learning since schools are still shuttered as a result of COVID-19. Free digital information is still very helpful, but it is inaccessible to kids who experience the "homework gap," or lack the connectivity or devices needed to finish schoolwork at home. For the youngest students, those in grades K–3, whose underlying knowledge and fundamental abilities are still developing, this access gap is especially problematic. The main goal of our collaboration is to close this gap, particularly during this COVID-19 period. The HP Piazza Platform will be used to print the packets as needed and deliver them to underserved kids and Title I school districts around the country to facilitate blended learning.

All students will have equitable access to resources focusing on STEM and environmental subjects by turning digital content into printed booklets. As many K–3 kids in the US will be able to access printed materials without charge thanks to HP's partnership with Command Companies. To achieve this, a number of publishers have committed to producing and offering material without payment. In addition to giving an in-kind donation of ink to the print service provider that will be producing the booklets, HP is giving school districts access to its HP Piazza Platform and order processing at no cost. HP will also collaborate with prominent American paper mills to provide a paper donation in kind.

HP Foundation

$3M in grants have been provided by the HP Foundation overall. Additionally, its board has approved an additional $2 million in funding for COVID-19 relief. $1 million will be used to support affected areas with vital medical supplies. The HP Foundation will be working with both international and local partners to identify the initiatives that will have the biggest impact as it focuses on allocating sizeable resources to aid community response activities over the ensuing weeks and months. Additionally, it will steer students to the free business, marketing, and entrepreneurship courses on HP LIFE and match up to $4 million in employee gifts to any deserving charity this year.

Community Donation

Additionally, HP has promised to donate $5 million in product donations to organizations that assist healthcare, SMB, and education initiatives in impoverished and marginalized communities all across the world. Laptops, printers, monitors, and paper are examples of products. In addition, HP has given money to the HBCUvc Student Relief Fund and linked HBCU students to its educational initiatives, HP LIFE and BeChangeMaker.

In response to rising demand, HP LIFE, a free program of the HP Foundation that provides modules to enhance skills in entrepreneurship and company growth, is expanding its introduction sessions to explicitly support teachers and students. Additionally, HP is working with the Global Business Coalition for Education to distribute new Chromebooks to Safe Horizon's shelters in New York City, which help children living in domestic violence shelters, and to distribute equipment to Houston, Chicago, and Dallas students affected by school closures through Comp-U-Dopt. Additionally, HP is working with the Oakland Unified School District to promote remote teaching and learning by providing tools, materials, and HP Turn to Learn content.

COVID 19 Response

As part of the campaign to combat the COVID-19 epidemic, HP and its global digital manufacturing community are deploying their 3D printing teams, technology, experience, and production capacity. More than 150,000 3D printed components, including face shields, face masks, respirator and ventilator pieces, have been manufactured to date by HP and its partners. Visit the HP 3D Printing COVID-19 response page for further details.

For more information on HP3D solution, please contact your local Dynagraph representative.

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