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HP Announces PageWide Advantage Product Enhancements and Solutions

Workflow advancements and market expansion broaden the HP PageWide Industrial offering, pushing efficiency and cost down.

News Highlights

  • HP PageWide Industrial announces a milestone of 825 billion pages printed by PageWide commercial clients.

  • HP PageWide Advantage 2200 innovations include high HDNA quality at maximum speed, which is 50% faster.

  • HP PageWide Industrial announces an upgraded color suite of solutions that automate and simplify the production of ICC profiles, including the introduction of HP's Smart Workcell Controller.

HP will present its latest enhancements to the HP PageWide Advantage 2200 at Hunkeler Innovation Days 2023, a press that is reinventing production inkjet and now offers the highest print quality mode at full color speed. In addition, HP is bringing automation enhancements in its Smart Workcell Controller, its Advanced Color Suite, and HP ColorPRO paper mill partner expansions in inkjet coated, treated stocks.

HP PageWide users continue to create huge workloads of high-value print across the web press range. HP announced at Hunkeler Innovations Day 2023 that PageWide commercial clients have reached a new milestone of 825 billion pages printed. "We are overjoyed for our customers' accomplishments. This achievement is a credit to our clients' resourcefulness in implementing the adaptability and productivity benefits of digital printing. "We are delighted to support their expansion with our PageWide platforms," stated Annette Friskopp, Global Head and General Manager at HP PageWide.

Customers from HP will join us for our in booth presentations. Solimar ChemistryTM a modular and adaptable platform of workflow software solutions that takes the guesswork out of high volume print and electronic production and delivery, and Spence Metrics, a data collecting and productivity reporting program, will be featured in the presentations. Additionally, HP workflow solutions, such as the new Smart Workcell Controller, HP Site Flow, SmartStream Production Elite Solutions, will be showcased, which provide the image rendering and near press workflow capabilities that drive PageWide press quality and performance. Guests can also meet with HP's Professional Services team, which integrates solutions within HP's Service Edge range of products.

High HDNA Quality at Full Speed with a Sustainability Impact

The PageWide Advantage 2200 now points at full 152mpm/500fpm speed in quality mode, giving customers more capacity to deliver high-value tasks and generate great output in less time. "We are thrilled to be able to present the HP PageWide Advantage 2200 for the first time in Europe." HP remains committed to delivering high-quality, high color, high-value print for the commercial sector, assisting printers in winning new business while increasing their print shop's production capacity. Indeed, numerous customers around the world have already included the new PageWide Advantage press into their workflows, demonstrating its geniune quality and speed," stated Annette Friskopp, Global Head and General Manager at HP PageWide.

The PageWide Advantage presentation at Hunkeler Innovation Days today incorporates an energy conscious and highly efficient two dryer arrangement. It consumes up tp 20% less energy than the three dryer arrangement at full power while printing a wide range of unique samples. This comprises a variety of coated and uncoated Burgo, UPM, CVG, Mondi, Sappi, Navigator, and Arctic stocks, as well as conventional offset and the newly announced ColorPRO treated coated stocks.

Elanders, a German based, cutting edge supply chain management company for print and packaging solutions, is one customer that has invested in the PageWide Advantage 2200 to enhance the company's sustainability and innovation path. "HP has always stood for extremely high quality and continues to be the industry standard." We can now print on conventional offset material, including heavy stock, using HP's PageWide Advantage 2200, allowing us to take on more profitable assignments," stated Sven Burkhard, President of the Print and Packaging Elanders Group.

HP's Smart Workcell Controller Advancements in Automation

HP's Smart Workcell Controller incorporates intelligent sorting, batching, and imposition to optimise the press, finishing efficiency, and throughput a local level. This upgrade to HP's SmartStream Production Elite Print Server automatically configures an integrated unwind-press-finishing workcell, reducing or even eliminating makeready stops and slowdowns for ultra-short-run publishing and commercial print jobs, resulting in higher ROI and reduced waste.

Furthermore, HP Professional Services are available to help integrate the Smart Workcell Controller into existing and new production workflows, simplifying deployment. HP is also introducing a new Production Kick-Start services to assist clients in going into production quickly and efficiently with little employee support.

HP's Color Innovations Made Easy

HP is also introducing an improved color suite of products that automate and simplify the production of ICC profiles. This includes industry-leading solution partners X-Rite and CGS Oris, as well as market-leading HP innovations such as simple spot color features and a pioneering on press color profiling technology that allows for faster and easier ICC profile creation. Customers may achieve precise color reproduction of photos and brand colors while benefiting from a simplified, streamlined procedure with a sophisticated color suite of solutions.

Users will now be able to read color patches and generate ICC color profiles with the click of a button, eliminating the need to send print elsewhere to be read and evaluated. This helps the consumer to save time and money while reducing waste. This novel on-press tool provides an easy approach for Print Service Providers to precisely reproduce brand colors, target specific, color spaces, and generate ink reduction profiles across the diversity of paper stocks that Print Service Providers must work with today when creatively utilising available paper allocations. This on press profiling functionality will be available in late 2023.

For more information on HP, please connect with our local Dynagraph representatives.


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