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HP Advances Automation for Additive Manufacturing, Showcases New Platform Capabilities

Prior to Formnext Connect, HP made major strides in the administration and automation of complex 3D printing operations and sizable fleets of additive manufacturing equipment. The HP Universal Build Manager Powered by Dyndrite, a new software solution from HP, brings automation to additive build management for the most popular 3D printing processes. It also increases productivity and efficiency.

Additionally, the business unveiled new digital HP 3D Factory Services to offer customers analysis of facilities and equipment, personnel and training, and assistance with the implementation of production procedures. A new HP Automatic Unpacking Station was also introduced by HP, which was created in collaboration with Rösler Group's AM Solutions to provide increased automation for post processing and increase client productivity throughout the full additive manufacturing workflow.

Reimagining Digital Workflows With New HP Universal Build Manager Powered by Dyndrite

The DyndriteTM Accelerated Geometry Engine, along with exclusive HP software and data innovation, are used in HP's innovative Universal Build Manager, a first-of-its-kind solution. The new build manager for additive manufacturing makes use of the Python scriptability and GPU-accelerated processing provided by Dyndrite's engine. Customers can streamline and automate build preparation across all of their additive manufacturing technologies with this combination, and they can do so quickly.

In addition to HP Multi Jet Fusion, Binder Jetting, Laser Powder Bed Fusion, Selective Laser Melting, Direct Metal Laser Sintering, Selective Heat Sintering, Electron Beam Melting, Selective Laser Sintering, Fused Deposition Modeling, High Speed Extrusion, Stereolithography, Digital Light Projector, and Laminated Object Manufacturing, HP is committed to supporting multi-platform additive workflows across its machine fleets.

The new solution allows for mass customization, sophisticated workflow automation, scalability and extensibility in both manually driven and automated workflows, and it has been developed to increase the efficiency, productivity, and quality of the additive technician.

Ryan Palmer, Global Head of Software, Data and Automation, HP Personalization & Industrial Business, stated that "We are addressing software challenges in the additive industry that have prevented it from becoming widely used and are providing capabilities to help customers accelerate the journey to digital manufacturing." "The new HP Universal Build Manager takes a digital-first approach to manufacturing by automating, streamlining, and simplifying processes. With the help of this solution, clients will be able to push the frontiers of sustainable production and automate crucial phases in their digital workflows while also exploring new spheres of complexity and value.

The new HP Universal Build Manager Powered by Dyndrite includes:

Universal support for the most widely adopted additive processes

  • All main MCAD applications are supported by CAD standards and vendor-neutral formats, enabling CAD-to-print workflows.

  • Support generation, slicing, and tool pathing are some examples of computational operations that can be sped by a powerful GPU-accelerated geometry engine.

  • High-part density builds are supported by highly scalable architecture, which maximizes throughput and lowers costs.

  • Powerful Python-based automation engine that can be used to automate repetitive operations and streamline workflows in support of lights-out digital industrial solutions. It can also gather expert knowledge and process definitions.

  • Create process-specific solutions without having to disclose potentially sensitive IP thanks to the HP Universal Build Manager platform's extensible plug-in framework, which makes its versatility and power available to every user, machine maker, and software vendor.

Digital Factory Services for Industrial Management and Quality at Scale

HP's improved 3D Factory Services cover the main procedures required for effective industrial management and the mass manufacturing of high-quality parts to aid in the design and implementation of digital factories utilizing the Multi Jet Fusion technology from HP. Assessment of facilities and equipment, training and planning for human resources, and design and implementation of manufacturing processes are all included in the services. The HP 3D Application Programming Interface (API), HP 3D Process Control, and HP 3D Center are examples of advanced digital services.

In order to provide their clients who utilize HP's 3D printing solutions with a powerful, automated API for integrating data and optimizing workflows, HP is making its open HP 3D API available to the leading software firms in the market. Customers like Henkel are able to integrate the HP 3D API thanks to Autonomous Manufacturing (AMFG), a market leader in MES and workflow software, in order to centralize end-to-end workflows, provide real-time status of their HP Jet Fusion systems, and receive crucial alerts and information for more effective processes and reduced downtime.

Furthering End-to-End Automation With New Unpacking Station

A world leader in tools, technologies, and supplies for the automated post-processing and surface finishing of 3D parts, Rösler Group's AM Solutions and HP have collaborated to create the new, industrial-grade HP Automatic Unpacking Station. Customers employing HP Jet Fusion 5200 systems will benefit from cost savings, improved build consistency, and improved workflow performance.

One of the first clients was Weerg, a renowned Italian component manufacturer that is advancing 3D industrial production using a fleet of HP Jet Fusion 5200 machines. Weerg's founder, Matteo Rigamonti, expressed excitement for HP's and its partners' ongoing automation breakthroughs. These improved capabilities will help us manage a growing fleet of HP Jet Fusion systems as we build our business.

For more information on HP3D solution, please contact your local Dynagraph representative.


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