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How Can the Packaging Attract Attention On the Shelf?

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Shelf-ready packaging (SRP) is more than just a convenient way to restock store shelves; it's a powerful tool for boosting sales and guiding customers on their path to purchase. In this article, we'll delve into how SRP design can enhance and facilitate a consumer's journey toward buying your product.

Designing Effective SRP: Meeting the '5 Easy' Guidelines

SRP packaging should align with the '5 Easy' guidelines proposed by the Institute of Grocery Distribution:

  • Easy to identify: Clear printing for quick location by store staff.

  • Easy to open: User-friendly in-store yet resilient during transportation.

  • Easy to merchandise: Simplifies shelf replenishment and optimizes space.

  • Easy to shop: Allows consumers to quickly spot and select the product.

  • Easy to dispose: Uses minimal materials and supports recycling efforts.

By following these principles and adopting a holistic approach to packaging design, you can ensure that your SRP meets the needs of the brand, retailer, and consumer.

Attracting Shoppers: Visibility and Distinctiveness

To capture shoppers' attention, your SRP must be visible and distinctive. This can involve using contrasting shapes and colors to create a unique and desirable design. Placing your brand name and logo prominently in a clear format on the packaging is crucial since consumers typically take just 3-5 seconds to make a selection.

To attract shoppers effectively, your SRP packaging should:

  • Showcase brand graphics prominently.

  • Utilize contrast, color, and shape to stand out.

  • Differ from competitors on the shelf.

Engaging Shoppers: Likeability and Navigation

Once you've attracted shoppers, your SRP must engage with them. Alignment with the primary pack's design reinforces the overall image. Ensuring the primary pack is visible, upright, and front-facing makes it more appealing. "Emotional" graphics, like human faces or animals, can draw the eye. Highlighting user benefits or features, such as "sugar-free" or "anti-aging," is essential for engaging customers. If you offer variants, make it easy for shoppers to find their desired choice.

To engage shoppers effectively, your SRP packaging should:

  • Complement the primary pack's design.

  • Enhance product presentation.

  • Simplify navigation through product variants.

  • Highlight key product features.

Converting Browsers to Buyers: Easy Shopping Experience

The ultimate goal of SRP is to turn browsing shoppers into buyers. After attracting and engaging shoppers, your packaging should facilitate easy product retrieval. SRP can also feature marketing messages on the front, such as "Limited Edition" or "20% Extra," creating a sense of urgency and encouraging immediate purchase. However, avoid overloading or confusing shoppers with excessive information on the packaging.

To convert browsers into buyers, your SRP packaging should:

  • Be designed for easy product retrieval.

  • Provide compelling reasons to buy.

  • Avoid overwhelming shoppers with information.

In conclusion, effective SRP design is a potent tool for maximizing sales. By adhering to the '5 Easy' guidelines, making your product visible and distinctive, engaging shoppers with relevant information, and facilitating a smooth shopping experience, your SRP can guide customers toward choosing your product with confidence.

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