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Updated: Dec 29, 2021

FleksoGraf Printing House, located in Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Poland, has recently become the third Polish user of a new Evolution Series flexo press from Mark Andy. Marcin Jakóbczyk – owner of the company states that Mark Andy proved to be both a professional vendor in this contract and a printer’s business partner. Moreover, installation and training of the press proceeded very smoothly in late March and early April, despite the global pandemic situation. In effect, the press was started according to the schedule.

FleksoGraf is a small printing house focused on delivering customized products to more than 1,000 customers in Poland and abroad. The company, established in 2006, specializes in labels of a different kind: white, colored, foil-based (in different thickness) and specialized applications; operating under the “Everything is Possible” motto. According to Jakóbczyk, it underlines the company’s efforts and flexible approach to every customer’s needs. With FleksoGraf’s latest investment in Evolution Series, it became even more real due to very wide opportunities of the new press. “Some time ago” says Marek Jakóbczyk, “we started looking for more efficient press that will enable us offering exclusive products. We compared solutions from different vendors and Mark Andy’s offer was the one we liked the most.” Łukasz Chruśliński, Sales Manager Mark Andy Poland, adds “We are one of few vendors that can offer both digital and flexographic presses so we’re able to proceed initial analysis with a customer, considering his needs. Due to diversity of our offer such a research is even more reliable. We try to be as flexible as possible when analyzing expectations of the customer and we estimate the whole situation together. In this case we found out that flexo press will be an optimum solution on this stage of FleksoGraf’s development.” FleksoGraf’s Evolution Series is a servo-based 8-colour press offering 330 mm print width and 230 m/min. speed. Their configuration has 8 flexo stations with chilled impression cylinders, enables cold foil stamping and printing on a glue side. The press is equipped with UV curing system, preregister, autoregister, VariPrint system, two die-cutters with a lift and BSC autoregister camera. “We hope that this solution will help us to increase efficiency and widen our offer. Today’s labels allow to distinguish a product, especially when we talk about cosmetic, chemistry, food and spirit industries. It is hard to offer the highest quality product without an appropriate equipment park,” says Jacek Metryka, Director of FleksoGraf. He finishes, “Now, after investment in Mark Andy’s solution, it became possible.” Chruśliński adds that high-quality labels will be possible to produce due to specific functions and equipment of the press delivered to FleksoGraf; precise, independent inking and impression, advanced die-cutting options as well as web tension control system all enable the label production they needed. “Due to specification of the press, we will be able to print multicolor and sophisticated jobs for our customers,” says Metryka. “They include multilayer, UV-varnished, foiled, stamped, silverware and gilded labels. This can bring us to a completely new level,” he elaborates. Both sides underline that the new press was installed very smoothly and completed in early April, when many limitations concerned with a global pandemic situation were introduced in Poland. Chruśliński says “The whole implementation process considered all needed procedures and precautions, according to law restrictions. We are very glad that, despite current situation, we can guarantee deadlines and transaction safety to our customers. We also continuously provide them with smooth service and maintenance support.” “We are very satisfied about Mark Andy’s complex service and handling. We highly appreciate that Mark Andy became a real and professional partner for us, guaranteeing a smooth implementation of the press. We hope that Evolution Series and its opportunities will allow us for a further development, resulting in getting new customers and reaching new markets,” concludes Metryka. For more information on Mark Andy, please contact your closest Dynagraph partner.

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