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HeyGears improves patient outcomes by 3D printing orthotics with HP Multi Jet Fusion

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Challenge: The importance of design freedom when 3D printing orthotics

HeyGears is a technology company focused on innovation whose core specialties are digital intelligent manufacturing technologies and 3D printing applications. Electronics, consumer goods, consumer services, and orthopedics have all benefited from HeyGears' extensive digital manufacturing solutions, services, and business models.

HeyGears claims that conventional orthosis manufacturing procedures using materials like plaster can be challenging and frequently produce parts with subpar precision, resulting in uneven pressure on the tissue and friction that can cause skin redness and blisters. Patients require orthotic devices that are both static and dynamic, as well as breathable and comfortable, to ensure proper treatment and recovery from injuries.

Solution: Comfortable, adjustable 3D orthotics with HP Multi Jet Fusion

In September 2019, HeyGears installed their first HP Jet Fusion 4200 3D Printing Solution to create large-scale, precise, and lightweight custom orthotic devices.

Custom 3D printed orthotics were produced as part of one of HeyGears' first HP MJF projects to fixate the forearm and support rehabilitation.

HeyGears scanned the patient's forearm to create the device, and then created an orthosis that complemented the patient's anatomy. To enhance the 3D printed orthotic's fixation effect and comfort, they added more delicate designs.

Additionally, HeyGears was able to design a 3D orthotic with a special adjustability that allows a patient's wrist to be placed at various angles with ease, ensuring movement of the wrist joint as well as gradual correction and joint protection.

Traditional materials like plaster and some polymers produced bulky orthotic devices that were challenging for doctors to clean and adjust because they did not breathe well. But 3D printed orthotics made with HP 3D HR PA 12 can be adjusted by the patient, reducing the number of necessary visits with the physician.

Overall, HeyGears believes that the two biggest benefits of 3D printing orthotics with HP Multi Jet Fusion technology are design freedom and high-quality materials. According to Huang, "design freedom (with HP Multi Jet Fusion) allows us to think creatively and combine several functional parts into one product, which also lowers the cost of assembly.

According to Dr. Zhao, issues like muscle atrophy, skin discomfort, and nerve and blood vessel compression can be effectively avoided thanks to the customized design, fixing method, and additional adjustable structures. Patients can get the newest treatment options and the best medical care thanks to the use of 3D printing technology to make 3D printed custom orthotics and replace traditional methods.

According to Huang, a company that develops 3D printing applications, "(HP) MJF gives us the tools enabling us to open up to new markets as we are seeing promising growth of customizable orthotics and prosthetics." We think that working with HP to create a whole-chain solution will help the orthotics and prosthetics industries grow.

For more information on HP3D solution, please contact your local Dynagraph representative.


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