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HP has built a range of supporting applications for their HP latex printers and the great news is most of them are free of charge with your latex printer.

PrintOS makes it easy to manage any number of jobs from submission to shipment, collaborate with partners and colleagues, and discover new opportunities for growth. Access the open, secure cloud-based platform anytime, anywhere.   Print Beat allows you to see near real-time and historical data for all your HP latex printers. You can see current jobs and printer utilization or review key performance indicators and drill down into historical data with reports that help identify trends. The print beat can be accessed on the web from your home or office computer and it is even available on your mobile phone as an app whilst you're traveling. HP Applications Center is a cloud-based solution designed to help you drive new growth in decorative applications. ... This free, cloud-based solution for print service providers helps generate demand with an easy, 3-step consumer design experience with web apps for different decorative applications. HP Media Locator: Online resource where you can download ready to go profiles for your printer on a wide range of media. HP is always looking to improve the businesses of their customers rather than the sell and forget model you get from many suppliers and a good example of this was their reaction to the COVID situation. During the COVID situation they added a full range of ready prepared COVID artwork that had been designed by leading graphic designers following the advice of WHO. Latex customers could easily download this readymade art, save hours of design time, and know the finished product is presenting best practice for these notices. They also presented new applications ideas showing how people could print items like office dividers and masks. For inquiries on HP solution, please contact your local Dynagraph representative.

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