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GREEN - New Project at Manroland Goss Creates Remedy for Plastic Consumption in the Food Industry

Plastic is now an essential component of the food industry. In addition to covering fresh foods in plastic to protect them, more and more people are choosing frozen foods and convenience foods. The goods are now preserved by mountains of films, which also shield them from the transfer of harmful substances while keeping them fresh. Manroland Goss is a member of a consortium that hopes to, among other things, develop a future cure for plastic consumption in the freezer as part of the government-funded GREEN research project. Food can currently be preserved while being protected from outside influences by a bio-based barrier.

  • Because of degradable barriers, plastic is becoming less and less useful for food packaging.

  • Plastic and cardboard continue to serve their well-known protective function as information carriers.

  • In order to create long-lasting barrier solutions, Manroland Goss establishes Coatible in collaboration with GDP Food packaging and other partners.

Initial Situation: GREEN Tackles the Plastic Mania Especially in the Freezer

No matter if it's the plastic bag around frozen pizza or the film around frozen French fries, the trend of frozen food continues to grow along with the demand for ever-increasing amounts of plastic. Due to their large quantities and rising demand, the influences in the life-cycle analysis are clear despite their thin processing. However, just about half of these packaging leftovers are recycled. This results in about 38 kg of plastic waste per person per year in Germany. As a consortium partner, Manroland Goss is launching the GREEN project in order to drastically cut down on the use of plastics in the food industry.

GREEN as a Funding Project of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food

The GREEN project officially began when the funding request was approved by the German Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food at the end of 2022. GREEN also founded the business Coatible because the topic of improving the sustainability of the packaging industry is so important. A quarter of the shares in this newly established company are owned by Manroland Goss.

GREEN Develops Ground Breaking Protective Barrier Solutions on a Biodegradable Basis

The main reason plastic films are used is to protect the product and its packaging. The newly developed barrier is meant to offer comparable protection against contamination with undesirable substances as a mineral oil and water vapour barrier, with the important distinction that it drastically reduces plastic.

GREEN Develops Machines, Barrier Coating and Coating Processes - First for Frozen Pizzas

The initial goal of the project is to use less plastic to wrap froze pizzas. The creation of a bio based, biodegradable barrier, however , also paves the way for the creation of food barriers outside of the freezer cabinet. The creation of a barrier coating, a coating procedure, and a novel coating application machine are tangible project components. The focus is also on the commercialisation of coated cardboard. Additionally, the objective was developed with the end user in mind: Replacing the plastic film shouldn't result in any functional drawbacks.

Manroland Goss - Cooperation Partner with Expertise in Printing and Process Engineering

Manroland Goss, a co-founder, is working with GDP Food packaging and other professionals to carry out the GREEN cooperation project. The development of the barrier application process and the creation of a prototype are being managed by the press manufacturer in this instance. Manroland Goss is primarily in charge of testing barrier coatings during the application process because he is an expert in the printing press sector. Manroland Goss is able to conduct challenging test procedures and produce application technology of the highest caliber thanks to its expertise in spraying and printing technology in particular. The ultimate objective is a fully automated, integrated system with a process technology that perfectly complements the created barrier.

For more information about MANROLAND GOSS, please contact your local Dynagraph representative.

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