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Get Inspired: How A Kongsberg Pcs Cutting Table and Foamalux Can Combine To Unleash Your Inner Lion

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

We at Kongsberg PCS are constantly searching for the ideal machine and material combination to produce something truly exceptional in our pursuit of perfection. Since the newest Foamalux Xtra board from our friends at Brett Martin was used to create this fantastic new design, we were overjoyed. Filip Van Bruaene, our Application Specialist, was responsible.

Check out this fantastic new design that Filip Van Bruaene, an Application Specialist for Kongsberg PCS, created using the most recent Foamalux from Brett Martin.

Watch the "roar-some" video right away to see for yourself how the perfect blend of innovation, cutting-edge technology, and premium materials produced this stunning design!

On the Kongsberg C table, engraving and milling bits were used to make each cut, according to Filip. The video demonstrates how precise the cut is and how you can get creative with it. I had a great time using this material.

Outstanding Photographic Print Quality

Foamalux Xtra is a premium choice foam PVC sheet because of its bright white formulation, increased stiffness, and surface properties, which make it suitable for a wide range of printing and design applications. "It’s smooth, flat, and faultless surface combined with its finely balanced pigment blend provides a consistent, clean, and crisp printing surface, resulting in photographic print clarity," added Filip. It is a great choice for cutting, routing, and finishing processes because of its mechanical qualities.

The bright white color formulation also offers excellent 3D display fabrication capabilities and is supplied as a flat, rigid sheet with increased stiffness. Filip said, "This offers superb color reproduction, exceptional print quality, and a consistent, silky smooth matte surface." In addition to being appropriate for indoor or brief outdoor use, the board is 100% recyclable, which is significant at a time when display manufacturers are attempting to strike a balance between creativity and sustainability.

According to Brett Martin's brand manager Gillian Fraser, the Kongsberg engraving bits produce a very clean, precise edge that dramatically contrasts the black core with the white virgin foam PVC surface. Working with Kongsberg PCS, a trusted partner, enables us to demonstrate the excellence and potential of Foamalux Xtra, according to Gillian. "The finished product has a smooth, clean-cut edge thanks to the milling bits. With the help of their cutting and routing equipment, a precise and finely detailed pattern can be engraved, revealing the black core of Foamalux Xtra, which is made from recycled post-production waste.

Overall, the Kongsberg equipment enables precise engraving of intricate patterns, showcasing both substrate and machinery.

Power, Precision, Performance

Power, accuracy, and performance are all delivered by the flagship Kongsberg C Series, which combines a steel tabletop with an aluminum honeycomb core, a rack and pinion drive system, and dynamic table mapping. "High quality digital production is possible, even under the tightest deadlines," said Filip Van Bruaene. "A maximum speed of 100 m/min (66 in/sec) and acceleration up to 1.7 G, combined with quick and precise tool movements, make this possible."

"It’s adaptability is matched by the variety of cutting-edge Kongsberg tooling we employed in this project, and automation opens up new possibilities for design and creativity. The Foamalux board and this Kongsberg machine work together to produce results that are truly exceptional.

For more information on KONGSBERG MACHINES, please contact your local Dynagraph representative.


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