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The EFI™ VUTEk® h Series represents a new generation of superwide-format hybrid inkjet printers. With every job, it provides your business with unmatched levels of reliability, serviceability, ease of use, functionality, quality, productivity and expandability.

The EFI VUTEk h3 is the future of digital printing, right now. We’ve reimagined, reinvented, reengineered and refined the high-volume, superwide-format hybrid inkjet platform from the ground up. The result is huge revolutionary leaps that take your business higher in terms of productivity, print quality, reliability, capability and profits. All with the ease of use and LED environmentally-friendly benefits you expect from an industrial-built VUTEk printer from EFI The EFI VUTEk h series changes everything on your shop floor; the Next-generation is 3.2-meter hybrid roll/flatbed LED inkjet printer platform, with Print resolution up to 1200 dpi, and Four-(optional) or eight-color modes plus white, and up to nine-layer print capability in a single pass. The Field upgradeable to the VUTEk h5 model with productivity up to 109 boards per hour. UltraDrop™ Technology 7pL grayscale printheads,  Native 7 pL printheads with true multi-drop addressability, High apparent resolution and high-definition print quality, Outstanding smoothness in shadows, gradients, and transitions, Superb text quality with three-point text in both standard and high quality with fewer satellites and more clarity in all print modes. Powerful EFI LED technology extends your range of supported substrates, including lower cost and added-value specialty media, it also increases uptime and productivity with instant on/off and less maintenance,  that drives down operating costs with up to 82% less energy consumption according to a Fogra study* and fewer consumable parts. It satisfies customer requests for a greener print solution with low VOCs, lower power consumption, and less waste and consumables. Automated media handling options to meet any production need, including new 3/4 automated media loading and stacker systems and super duty winders. EFI Fiery® proServer Premium digital front end with Fiery Command WorkStation®, FAST RIP and enhanced color management and screening features, with Cloud and diagnostics services, including EFI GO mobile management application. Please check EFI VUTEk h3 on the following link: If you want to learn more about EFI VUTEk, do not hesitate to contact your local Dynagraph Partner.

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