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Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth from, who is the leading academic in the world studying the large format printing industry, recently visited EFI and conducted tests on the EFI range of roll to roll printers.

Following his visit, FLAAR issued a series of 4 reports, the first of which is available here: EFI-VUTEk-wide-format-Roll-to-Roll-UV-curing-inkjet-printer-Optional-Features-Hellmuth-and-Melgar-FLAAR-REPORTS-2020.pdf And the remainder will be distributed by Flaar in the coming few days. In this report, he focuses on the wide range of options available on EFI printers. EFI has the strongest range of options available which enable Print Service providers to really tailor a solution that delivers the most efficient printer for their operations. Being able to tailor a printer for a particular print service provider's requirements along with EFI/Vutek bulletproof reliability, high speeds and lowest costs psm is the reason the top Print Service Providers in the world choose EFI/Vutek printers. During the visit, Hanan Yosefi held a video interview with Dr. Hellmuth. Here are two short videos from this interview: For more information on EFI, please contact your closest Dynagraph partner.

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