Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth from Flaar.org, who is the leading academic in the world studying the large format printing industry, recently visited EFI and conducted tests on the EFI range of roll to roll printers.

Dr Nicholas Hellmuth is highly regarded for his thorough and unbiased analysis of the Large Format Print Industry and has featured at the SGI innovation panels for a number of years as a guest of SGI to share his thoughts in their seminars. Following his visit FLAAR is issuing a series of reports. They have just issued a report  focusing on interesting applications available on EFI printers. EFI is known for the lowest cost per square meter and most reliable printers and features that nobody else has like being the only UV LED printers in the world with a 3M co branded ink that can on applicable medias get MCS warranty, even on fleet graphics. This report focuses on the clear and white options available and unique applications this allows EFI to print. http://flaar-reports.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/EFI-VUTEk-D3r-roll-to-roll-Interesting-Applications-Factory-visit-black-blue-colored-clear-media-Hellmuth-Melgar-FLAAR-Reports-2020.pdf?idU=1 For information on any of the EFI range of Large Format printers in Roll to Roll, Hybrid, Flatbed and dye sublimation please contact your local Dynagraph representative.

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