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Dynagraph recently participated in the first 3D Printing Summit & Expo held in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the 7-8 October 2019

The event attracted leaders from various business sectors, Engineering, Medical, Oil & Gas, Educational, Aerospace, Construction, ...  Dynagraph, along with HP 3D MultiJetFusion, not only presented a revolutionary technology that is the multijet fusion MJF, but also introduced the wide range of applications possible with the use of polyamide materials. Over the 2 day event, the audience was presented with various business cases and benefits using a number of plastics and metals. Panel discussions were held on the 4th Industrial Revolution in manufacturing. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is quickly shaping to become one of the leading countries in 3D Additive Manufacturing, events similar to those will become more common occurrences across the Private and public sector. Universities and Learning institutes didn't miss taking part in the forum as they play a key role in shaping the next generation of engineers, architects, doctors, artists, ... They clearly recognize the need to invest more resources into 3D Printing. The key takeaway from this event was the clear need to educate potential users on the benefits of 3D additive manufacturing. 3D Additive Manufacturing breaks the constraints that have limited Creative design in engineering, aerospace, art. This is also where Dynagraph plays a pivotal role by reaching out to industry players and universities alike and fills them in on the intricacies of 3D Additive manufacturing.  Dynagraph views the future of 3D Printing in the Middle East region, in particular, the Gulf with great optimism. It has become one of the technology's staunchest promoters and wishes to play a leading role by helping to benefit the community.  A year and a half ago to break all uncertainties around the technology it decided unilaterally to establish the first of its kind 3D Additive Manufacturing Technology Transfer Center in Dubai to help educate the broader market and demonstrate the benefits of Multi Jet Fusion technology and other 3D technologies in plastics and in the future metals.  Dynagraph offers “Design for Additive Manufacturing” workshops and assists local and regional universities to include the program as part of their own curriculum for engineering, architecture, art while offering the use of its local 3D Printing workshop. To learn more about the HP 3D Printing, please contact your local Dynagraph representative. 

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