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FEATURED in ME Printer - Emirates Airlines EFI-Vutek hybrid printer.

The EFI-Vutek 3M inks which make EFI printers the only UV printer in the market that can get the 3M MCS warranty on 3M approved media are the reason Emirates selected an EFI printer.

Emirates will print internal and external graphics for their aircraft at a fraction of the cost of the previous equipment they used that could meet the stringent requirements for approvals for use with aircraft.

The industrial UV printer from EFI will also dramatically increase the in house capacity for printing enabling Emirates to produce more of their famous aircraft wraps in house and allow them to take on work for other Emirates departments outside of Aircraft Appearance.

Iqbal Ismail the manager of the Aircraft Appearance Center at Emirates, pictured with Stephen Jomartz, Regional Sales Manager LFP at Dynagraph at the machine handover, commented that he was impressed with the speedy installation and comprehensive training provided by the Dynagraph engineers.

On the machine they were pleased with the speed and ease of operations with the Fiery Software.

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