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ExpoPrint 2022: manroland Goss and groupwork presented a technology change in packaging printing.

Updated: May 2, 2022

The challenges facing packaging printers are more demanding than ever: intricate packaging designs, multiple variants, and a wide variety of job sizes… all this at the lowest possible production costs. At the same time, the demands on sustainability aspects, such as the reduction of CO2 emissions or the elimination of solvents, are increasing. The modular VARIOMAN packaging printing system from manroland Goss offers the right answers.

VARIOMAN f, c or b? – the fitting solution for every substrate

Correct, however in this case the letters f, c and b do not stand for one of the best-known Bavarian football clubs. Rather, this refers to the flexible VARIOMAN packaging printing solutions for foil printing (f:line), cardboard printing (c:line) and book printing (b:line). On the technical base of the manroland Goss flagship model LITHOMAN, which dominates the high quality and high volume commercial and book printing market worldwide, the VARIOMAN combines the entire printing expertise from more than 175 years of company history.

Web offset technology scored well on sustainability aspects

There are several reasons why web offset technology is more sustainable than other printing solutions. For example, sleeve cylinders and automation technology increase efficiency even for the smallest jobs. The usage of electron beam curing offset inks leads to CO2 emission savings and additionally, it offers protection against scratching and abrasion due to high rub resistance. An additional important topic: 100% solvent-free printing inks contribute to savings in explosion protection and exhaust air cleaning.

Data-based maintenance with MAINTELLISENSE ensures more efficient processes

A press collects around 45,000 lines of logbook data within 24 hours. MAINTELLISENSE automatically evaluates these and illustrates the results in transparent graphics. What is remarkable about it: specially programmed algorithms not only prioritize the error messages, but also establish important correlations between the events. This makes it clear, at a quick glance, where the intervention of a technician is required, avoiding unplanned machine downtimes at the best.

Retrofits are a pre-condition for the digitization of existing press installations

Existing plants can no longer be operated competitively without working measurement and control systems, and additional automation upgrades. Often, the investment in a new machine is not yet intended. In this cases, upgrading to the latest hardware and software on existing machines brings quality and productivity back to a profitable standard. This saves resources and makes the plant fit for future orders.

You can find out more about the attainable, ManrolandGOSS machines by clicking this link.

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