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Esko & X-Rite Pantone Unite at Labelexpo 2023: One Connected Workflow for Labels & Packaging

"Experience Enhanced Efficiency, Sustainability, and Resource Optimization in a Connected Ecosystem"

At this year's Labelexpo, attendees will witness firsthand the dynamic synergy of a connected Esko and X-Rite Pantone ecosystem. This integrated ecosystem, comprising automated workflow, color management, flexo platemaking, digital printing, and print inspection tools, ushers in consistent performance and propels business growth.

As the event returns to Brussels in September, Esko and X-Rite Pantone are set to delve deep into the realms of labeling and packaging. "Visitors exploring our joint booth will uncover how Esko and X-Rite Pantone are driving the packaging industry towards unwavering performance from concept to market," stated Jan De Roeck, Esko's Director of Marketing, Industry Relations & Strategy. Through technology demonstrations, displays, and expert discussions, the holistic ecosystem's color management software and measurement solutions will be showcased, underscoring their role in amplifying efficiency, sustainability, and growth opportunities within digital workflows.

From booth #C60 in Hall 3 of the Brussels Expo, Esko and X-Rite Pantone will exhibit their full spectrum of digital workflow solutions, spanning design to production.

Highlights include Esko's AI-powered Phoenix, the award-winning CDI Crystal XPS 4835, AVT Helios System for defect inspection, integrated Esko Software, X-Rite eXact™ 2 handheld spectrophotometer, ColorCert® Suite, PantoneLIVE™ digital color libraries, and more.

"Sustainability and digitalization have reshaped the industry's landscape," emphasized Jan. Today's packaging companies must embrace digital workflow technology to boost efficiency, cut costs, and heighten productivity, especially as sustainability and digitalization reshape the industry landscape.

Jon-Michael McCartney, Director Print and Packaging at X-Rite Pantone, highlighted the ecosystem's role in streamlining design, prepress, formulation, and production workflows. By sharing packaging and color data, errors are reduced, and reporting is enhanced.

With a digital workflow, on-site press approvals become redundant, print requirements are shared seamlessly across a global supply chain, waste is curbed, resources are saved, and sustainability goals are supported.

Join Esko and X-Rite Pantone at booth #C60 in Hall 3 of the Brussels Expo from September 11-14, 2023, as Labelexpo returns to Brussels.

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