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Esko Revolutionizes Digital Label Production with AutoSet Digital: A Complete Inspection Workflow

Esko has ushered in a new era in digital label production with the launch of AutoSet Digital, an all-encompassing print inspection solution. This cutting-edge system promises unparalleled quality control, waste reduction, and heightened efficiency throughout the label production process.

The Shifting Landscape of the Labels Market

The labels market is experiencing a significant transformation. With approximately 15% growth in digital label printing, coupled with the increasing adoption of digital and hybrid label presses, it's evident that the industry is rapidly evolving. However, amidst this growth, label converters face heightened pressure on margins due to economic challenges. This economic backdrop has propelled the need for improved operational efficiencies, waste reduction, and meeting strict quality expectations.

Breaking Down Historical Barriers

Historically, investing in print inspection for digital lines presented challenges. These systems often required setup for each run, a cumbersome process that clashed with the dynamic nature of digital printing. Digital presses frequently handle multiple SKUs within a single printed roll, and job designs can change swiftly, making traditional inspection setups impractical.

AutoSet Digital: A Complete End-to-End Solution

Esko's AutoSet Digital bridges this gap by providing a holistic, end-to-end automation solution. It seamlessly integrates prepress, production, and finishing, eliminating the need for manual setup at each SKU change. This innovative workflow encompasses all digital processes, whether on the digital printing press, a hybrid press, or a digital finishing line.

The Ingenious Workflow

AutoSet Digital marries the precision and speed of AVT Helios 100% print inspection systems with the automation prowess of AVT AutoSet Digital. Operators gain the ability to automatically upload and switch between jobs, thanks to the AVT WorkFlow Link. This feature enables the recording, scanning, and editing of multiple jobs on a single roll.

After production, the physical roll is uploaded alongside the virtual roll, which contains recorded defects mapped across the entire roll. Operators or dedicated QC editors can review and edit this virtual roll, pinpointing areas where the physical roll should halt for defect removal.

Enhancing Efficiency and Productivity

AutoSet Digital extends its efficiency and productivity benefits to hybrid presses and digital finishing lines. 100% inspection platforms can be integrated into any production workflow with AutoSet Digital. The system uses unique barcodes to automatically identify jobs, streamlining setup and inspection parameters between jobs. This hands-free approach keeps the production line running smoothly, saving both time and money while ensuring accuracy and minimizing waste.

A Success Story: AG3M

AG3M, one of France's prominent label producers, embraced Esko AVT print inspection systems in 2020. As a member of Esko's pre-release community, AG3M was an early adopter of AutoSet Digital. The company has experienced remarkable results, gaining direct control over print quality across multiple runs. The entirely automated workflow has ushered in significant advantages, such as a 30% boost in production, reduced paper waste, and virtually eliminating faulty prints supplied to customers.

A New Era in Digital Label Production

AutoSet Digital by Esko marks a pivotal advancement in the world of digital label production. It provides a comprehensive solution for print inspection, waste reduction, and enhanced efficiency. As the labels market continues to evolve, this innovative system empowers converters to meet the demands of quality, efficiency, and economic viability.


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