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EFI-Vutek features Dynagraph success in delivering EFI printers in 2020

EFI-Vutek has a feature in their Select magazine's most recent issue on the success Dynagraph has had delivering major EFI industrial printers across the Middle East in 2020 despite the challenging market conditions due to the ongoing covid situation.

2020 saw the Fabrivu 340i, the world's leading dye sublimation printer delivered to Aspire in Qatar.

Aspire chose the Fabrivu 340i because of its high quality, up to 2,400dpi with greyscale down to 4 picolitre prints, combined with a top speed of 250sqm/h.

High pigment ink and high resolution printheads combine to deliver an average yield of 250sqm per liter of ink on the Fabrivu.

Fabrivu also recovers 95% of purged ink and can print solid colour without variation across the entire 3.4m width.

This Fabrivu joins other Fabrivu printers already operating in Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Joseph Graphics have installed the EFI pro32r+ a 3.2m roll to roll printer.

This new printer released in November 2019 brings the EFI new generation technology to a more affordable platform.

Joseph's Group was attracted by EFI-Vutek's industry leading reputation for reliability combined with ink yield of 140sqm per liter and the fact that the Pro32r+ can print with 3M MCS warranty. The pro32r+ also has a top speed of 256sqm/h.

The article also features Emirates Airlines who invested in an EFI 2m hybrid to produce graphics for both aircraft interior and exteriors. Once again the EFI 3M inks and their ability to offer the relevant 3M MCS warranty products required for these applications along with a need for lower production costs and higher speeds prompted Emirates to choose EFI from Dynagraph.

Post the article being published Dynagraph delivered their forth machine for 2020 with an installation of a EFI-Vutek 32H 3.2m Hybrid printer in Marina in Saudi Arabia.

With EFI's industry leading reputation for reliability combined with ink yield of 140sqm per liter Marina has chosen the 32H to print both rigid boards and roll to roll materials up to 3.2m at speeds up to 60 1.4 x 2.8m boards an hour (235.5sqm/h).

With industrial printers starting with a 1.6m hybrid and new 3.2m entry level roll to roll and Hybrid printers, access to EFI's reliability, high ink yield and the exclusive fiery ripping software might be more affordable than you think.

Contact your local Dynagraph representative for more information on any of the extensive range of EFI printers for general graphics, fabric printing and specialist printers for Ceramics, Packaging and Thermoforming.

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