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You need the high production capacity and low production cost of the FabriVU 340i printer but you do not have the space at your facility for the printer and a separate 3.4m Calender/fixation unit, which is required to finish your dye sublimation printing.

The FabriVU 340i combines a dye sublimation printer with in line fixation rather than you requiring the purchase of a separate Calender fixation unit. This can save you floor space and and Capex as the inline fixation included with the FabriVU 340i is a much cheaper than a separate Calender/fixation unit. The EFI FabriVU printers have the ability to produce the best quality prints at ultra high 2,400 dpi resolution with production speeds up to 250sqm/h. Over 100 units shipped worldwide since its release with 6 units now in the Middle East. The FabriVU platform has a unique patented ink recovery system to recycle ink that would normally be lost in the purging process and this combined with Medium Viscosity Inks and High resolution Printheads generate savings in cost per sqm of up to 60% over the competitors' technology.  The video below gives you a comprehensive introduction to the FabriVU 340i printer. For information on the FabriVU or any other Industrial Large Format printing requirement, please contact your local Dynagraph Representative

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