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EFI updates Fiery for quicker turnarounds.

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

EFI unveiled the latest update to its Fiery Command Workstation, version 6.7. The new version helps Fiery customers improve automation and job management to better handle growing numbers of short-run print jobs.

Fiery Command WorkStation enables a unified Fiery Driven print room, allowing users to control all Fiery servers, either local or remote, thereby gaining operational efficiencies and increasing productivity.

The latest version is available as a free upgrade EFI Fiery DFE users.

Improving turnaround times on short runs

Germany’s sedruck KG found that the new features in the latest EFI Fiery Command WorkStation helped the company better manage print jobs and improve their turnaround times on a growing volume of short-run, quick-turn print jobs. “The fact that we can now search for jobs across all of our 10 Fiery digital front ends is amazing, it saves us up to 80% on time and energy per search to find what we are looking for. Having two methods to pinpoint a job or jobs is also extremely valuable, plus, the interface has been kept super-simple,” said Manfred Gebauer, head of Purchasing &

Technology Process Management at sedruck KG.

Many print businesses face the same kind of production pressures. According to Keypoint Intelligence data, nearly a third of European print service providers (PSPs) and 55% of North American PSPs reported that dealing with a high number of small jobs is a primary challenge for their current workflow.

As the number of orders increase, PSPs in many parts of the world are also facing labour shortages, a factor that makes automation more necessary than ever. New features with version 6.7 The new version 6.7 addresses the most pressing job volume and labour needs of PSPs by speeding up the administration and production of print jobs with several new enhancements.

Fiery Command WorkStation is the management software that comes with all Fiery digital front ends (DFEs) for cut-sheet and wide- to superwide- format printers.

Automated job tagging using print presets now helps customers classify, find, and manage jobs faster. A new search tool gives users the power to search for jobs across all their connected Fiery DFE servers. Both features save valuable time when managing a large volume of jobs in fast-moving print shops. Command WorkStation also makes other important print job preparation tasks simpler and faster. In the new release, for example, the Workflow Suite’s Fiery ImageViewer solution has new controls for reordering, duplicating, or deleting pages, eliminating the need to step out of the tool for simple page-level edits. Print businesses can save even more time by using Fiery Hot Folders with Command WorkStation 6.7 to automate server presets, imposition templates and more.

For variable-data jobs, users also have the ability to significantly streamline job submission tasks using another integrated solution, Fiery FreeForm Create – a free, award-winning product for designers and Command WorkStation users.

You can find out more about the attainable, EFI machines by clicking this link.

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