EFI pro30f, specialist applications deliver big profits

The award winning EFI new generation technology is already delivering the most reliable and lowest cost per square meter printing for UV/Led printers in a true flatbed platform with the Pro 30f.

As well as being a reliable, versatile true flatbed printer the Pro30f can produce high margin specialty work using a range of "Power Applications" that include double sided printing, texture printing with multi layer printing, jig printing and printing on thicker media up to 10cm thick.

You also have many white ink applications on clear, non white substrates and backlit prints. The EFI white ink has the best opacity of any white ink in UV printing allowing you to produce high quality specialty printing.

Thick Media printing:

Double sided printing:

Textured and layered printing: https://videos.efi.com/watch/ZgMZSjFrSwx9zm3UFa4Fdm

Jig printing: https://videos.efi.com/watch/mCrP1AfbRHfodMMenrguMk

The EFI™ Pro 30f is everything you always wanted in a true flatbed printer. Its larger bed size offers a printable area of 120 in x 80 in (3.05 m x 2.04 m) and bleed printing.

The (GUI) graphic user interface is designed to maximize your operators ability to maintain a fast workflow even allowing them to adjust settings at the point of printing without having to lose time re-ripping files.

All this plus the EFI reputation for reliability and low maintenance, low cost operations.

For more information on the EFI Pro30f flatbed printer or any of the full range of EFI-Vutek-Fabrivu printers for roll to roll hybrid and dye sublimation printing all of which deliver lowest cost of production in their segment contact your local Dynagraph representative.

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