EFI UV/led printers delivery 150 to 160sqm of print per liter of ink whereas other suppliers only manage 60 to 100sqm per liter. Plus the ink is cheaper.

The world's best reliability combined with this low per sqm cost build a strong value proposition for any of the EFI UV/led curing printers. The EFI™ Pro 30f LED flatbed printer contains the most powerful features from LED and variable drop grayscale head technology to its true flatbed design with moving gantry and multi-zoned vacuum table. It’s the strategic choice for printers producing graphic arts, art reproductions, signage, fabricated parts, decals and other specialty applications, utilizing jigs, up to 4 inches thick – as well as overflow printing. The EFI Pro 30f flatbed printer delivers the most powerful results, combining great productivity and image quality at a competitive price, optimized ink usage, and access to more profitable jobs. A true flatbed printer capable of printing 3.05m x 2.04m with up to a 10cm depth. Just listen to what our customers are saying: “Since adding the EFI Pro 30f to our lineup of printers, our production capacity has increased 300%, which has enabled us to provide our customer with high quality products in a timely manner and resulted in increased revenue." “Working with EFI has provided us with the flexibility to move print jobs from more expensive printers to our new Pro 30f, which operates faster and cheaper than other printers with similar capabilities." “The Pro 30f is the first machine we purchased from EFI and we have been impressed with the support and engineering team’s responsiveness whenever we have questions or concerns about the printer.” Shane Back, Owner, AJJ Enterprise  For more information on the EFI/Vutek UV/led printers or their Industry leading Fabrivu dye sublimation solutions, please contact your local Dynagraph representative. 

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