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Dynagraph partner LAMINA System AB introduces DISPLAYLINE its non-stop gluing & folding machine.

A high speed & high capacity fully automatic non-stop gluing & folding machine incorporating “Pick & Place”, for the production of 1 to 3 part Point of Sale (POS) and standard displays. A non-stop automatic vacuum belt feeder that has the capacity to accommodate up to 3 separate parts of the display. Pick & Place phase aligns parts of the display, applies the glue string(s), while the Pick & Place simultaneously collects and positions the 3rd part of the display with pin-point accuracy. Preparation for the manual mounting of insert(s)/support(s).

A final series of glue string(s) are applied with precision, in preparation for the final folding sequence. The completed display passes through a Press Station which provides effective and sufficient pressure. The robot Pick & Place automatically collects the completed display from the conveyor system and delivers it onto a pallet for final packaging and distribution directly to the customer.

For more information on LAMINA solution, please contact your local Dynagraph representative.

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