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Dynagraph Partner LAMINA SYSTEM AB. at ISA SIGN EXPO Atlanta, USA from the 4th till 6th of May 2022.

LAMINA will showcase their Lamina Gluer; it is a manual fed in-line folding, gluing, and taping machine. By the genius construction, it is able to handle various sizes of different materials.

The tool-free set-up allows a quick change over even for short runs. Options for the machine include cold glue, back support unit, tape applicator, etc.

The Lamina gluer is a straight line gluing machine constructed on a sturdy frame of extruded, anodized aluminium profiles. The machine is designed for manual feeding of die-cut, creased and slotted materials. The blanks are positioned by the operator and the hot melt unit applies the glue during the passage through the machine. The length and the exact position of the glue line are easily pre-set - PLC + Touch screen.

A system of press rollers ensures perfect adhesion and guides the glued blanks to a stacking unit which is easily adjustable for different sizes. The machine is equipped with adjustable and interchangeable side guides also allowing gluing of 2-piece boxes. The Lamina Gluer is delivered ready-made for connection to the electrical and pneumatical systems.

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LAMINA will be located at Booth 2611 in Hall B3 Atlanta, USA

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