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Dynagraph partner EFI upgrades their market-dominating Fabrivu dye-sublimation printers.

EFI has dominated the industrial dye sublimation market with their 3.4m roll-to-roll printers the Fabrivu 340 and the Fabrivu 340i with inline fixation.

The lowest cost of operation combined with the best quality and highest reliability has seen the Fabrivu printers take over the large customers producing soft signage over the last four years.

Now EFI has released the Fabrivu 340+ and 340i+.

These plus models have many improvements including double the number of printheads taking the output from the 300dpi on the previous model to 600dpi.

This means POP printing speed increases from 160sqm/h to 238sqm/h and we see a new very high-quality mode available that is quality the competitors cannot match.

Many components have been improved for longer life and lower maintenance costs.

The moving platen has always ensured colour uniformity across the entire width of the fabric but now with better outgassing and temperature uniformity, independent tests have shown in prints of over 65 lineal meters the Fabrivu plus models have colour uniformity where any difference is below human perception.

For information on the Fabrivu 340+ or 340i+ or any of the wide portfolio of printers from EFI which include roll to roll up to 5.2m wide, Hybrid printer, Flatbed printers, Dye-sublimation printers, and specialist printers for ceramic and packaging please contact your local Dynagraph representative.

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