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Dynagraph partner EFI releases an entry-level 3.2m hybrid printer.

EFI dominates industrial large format printing in the 3.2m hybrid market with their mid-level Pro32h and their top range H3/H5 platforms that can print over 400sqm/h.

This is because they have the lowest cost of production and the most reliable printers.

Now all the EFI industrial printing advantages are available on the more affordable EFI Pro 32H.

The Pro 32H is a 3.2m hybrid UV printer with led curing that allows you to print to flexible rolls or rigid substrate on the one printer for complete versatility to meet your clients print demands.

With four colours CMYK and two channels of white the Pro32H delivers prints with a maximum speed of 240sqm/h, at up to 1200dpi with grayscale for wide colour gamut and low ink consumption.

140sqm of print for each litre of ink ensures EFI is at least 30% cheaper to operate than their closest competitors.

Dual touch screen displays front and back, continuous board printing, print and rip at the same time, easy colour matching and FastRip which rips files up to 5 times faster than other rips ensure your operators will always get the best results and fastest production from The Pro 30H.

The savings continue over the years with EFI systems saving media and the reliability and long life of components keeping maintenance costs low. For example EFI achieves printhead life an average 60% longer than the industry norm.

EFI Pro 30H overview video...

For information on the EFI Pro 30H or any of the wide portfolio of printers from EFI which include roll to roll up to 5.2m wide, Hybrid printer, Flatbed printers, Dye sublimation printers and specialist printers for ceramic and packaging please contact your local Dynagraph representative.

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