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DYNAGRAPH is proud to announce its partnership with MOSAIC MANUFACTURING in the Middle East region

Mosaic manufacturing brings the latest in 3D AM evolution to the factory floor.

Mosaic’s unique product design helps bring high throughput, Low cost, Minimal downtime. The Element HT 3D Printers is the latest in a NEW generation of desktop FDM printers that offers a hot-end temperature of up to 500°C, and a heated chamber, allowing the user to print high strength parts for the most demanding applications.

With an all metal gantry, and a precision motion system, Element HT was developed with manufacturing level reliability in mind.

Its build volume of 14” x 14”x 14” allows it to print up to 8 materials in a single part including rigid, flexible, and soluble support material in your prints e.g. ABS ASA CF Nylon CF PET GESD Nylon 6 PC PEEK PEI 9085 PEKK PETG PLATPU.

Bring a new dimension to your printer by automating the feeding of filaments. If a spool runs out, Palette will automatically splice to another spool and keep your print going. With 8 spools available your prints will always continue to run. Palette enables for multi-material and multi-color printing with up to 8 material.

Choose to automate your single unit with Array's robotic system and increase your throughput by 10x times. Array offers full system control of up of up to 32 material pods, 4 printers and queue monitoring swaps out materials and print beds to ensure your printers are running even when you're not around. Array comes standard with fume extraction hook-up, a mobile storage cart for finished builds.

For more information on Mosaic Manufacturing, please contact your local Dynagraph representative.

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