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Dyemansion Continues Path as Enabler of Am Serial Manufacturing in All Areas

The global leader in post-processing solutions for industrial polymer 3D-printing, DyeMansion, has a motto that is empowering: "Reform Manufacturing." They're showing visitors from Frankfurt that they're the right partner for the future - a future in which service providers as well as corporates working with AM. Visitors can experience firsthand how DyeMansion is moving forward to enable manufacturing on demand.

The DM60 Black Line is a limited edition of DM60 combined with one of the most popular products, the DM60 Reservoir. It is modified and purpose-built to focus on the black coloring of grey Powder Bed Fusion parts such as HP MJF or Stratasys SAF. The new process offers a real automated alternative to pot dyeing. The DM60 Black Line will come with the standard DyeMansion ISO certifications such as cytotoxicity and skin irritation.

"The demand for black-dyed polyamide parts has increased significantly over the past few years," explains Philipp Kramer, CTO and cofounder of DyeMansion. "Our DM60 Black Line is tailor-made to meet this demand in a more industrial way with reduced cycle time and cost-per-part." Customers can now dye their parts with the new, patented process in our Deep Black quality more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

Application-Driven Production Lines Enabled By Dyemansion:

DyeMansion is involved in an exciting production line of AM industrialization. That is Additive Scale, a project of YOU MAWO and AM Global. They offer eyewear-frame manufacturing as a service. Proprietary technology allows them to produce 3D-printed eyewear with mind-blowing quality from up to million units. To achieve this, Additive Scale relies on DyeMansion technology because they benefit from scalable and reproducible process and wide range of colors.

For more information on Dyemansion, please contact your local Dynagraph representative.

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