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DuPont Discusses Plans for drupa 2024

DuPont is set to unveil its latest advancements in the Cyrel, Artistri, and Tyvek lines at drupa 2024, taking place from May 28 to June 7 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Tucker Norton, Global Business Director at DuPont Printing & Packaging, expressed excitement about showcasing the trio of DuPont's brands at the event. This year is particularly noteworthy as Cyrel and Artistri mark their 50th and 35th anniversaries, respectively, a testament to their long-standing commitment to delivering top-tier products in the industry.

DuPont Artistri, renowned for pioneering digital water-based inkjet printing inks and dispersions, caters to a wide array of sectors including commercial, packaging, textile, and home and office applications. Leveraging 35 years of profound knowledge in dispersions, pigments, polymer science, and applications, Artistri's products stand out for their reliability in jetting, durability, vibrant color, and consistent image quality across varied production scenarios and over time.

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